Tried & Tested: Love The Sun With Sunplay’s Super Block And Body Mist

We’re any of you guys, as kids, forced to wear sunblock almost everyday? I was one such kid. It lasted for a couple of months when I was in Primary school because my mom was so scared I would get dark. You just imagine –  afternoon session in school, this nerdy girl walks into the … Continue reading

Paramore In Singapore!

Finally…Paramore came to Singapore. I am actually not that big of a fan but I do appreciate their music and Hayley is a bloody good ENTERTAINER and not just a musician. Check it Out! Welcome to the mosh pit where all you see is a Sea of Heads pushing savagely to get to the front.  … Continue reading

Tattoo FAQ: How To Care For Your Scabbing Tattoo

And it has begun. My tiny first tattoo has been scabbing and SHEDDING all over my table at work. It kinda seemed like the little tub of moisturizer wouldnt be enough cos it just keeps shedding. I JUST WANT TO PICK AT IT to make my tiny tatt pretty again. BUT, ALAS…..I cant. For those … Continue reading

Monday Make-Up Blues: Double-Winged Eyeliner

It’s 2.39am here in SG. I am tired but my eyes wont close. Sucks man…I’m gonna have such bad eye bags and dark circles tomorrow… I hope I can wake up cos it’s gonna be a busy day after the holiday. Looking around for make up tips like I always do and I spotted this … Continue reading

Kiss Bad Parties Good-bye!

Helloo!!! So sorry guys..I’ve been soo busy at work cos we’re shifting offices and I had soo many birthdays to attend to! QUICK SHOUT OUT – Happy Birthday You Guys!!! Here are some of the pics from one of the parties ❤ I tell you ahh..there are soo many parties in January and in September. … Continue reading

Frizzy Hair: The Battle Never Dies!

Today was soo unbelievably hot. I don’t know what’s going on with the weather in Singapore. At work, the sun shines extra brightly nowadays at 10am to the point I really need to wind down the blinds or I’m blind at the computer screen! Ít doesn’t help that my hair is soo curly it can’t survive … Continue reading