The Travelling Noob: London Was Awesome, Paris Was A Ghetto, And Spain Was Hot!

*LONG POST ALERT- don’t say I didn’t warn you* Hello my friends 🙂 I got back from my Eurotrip holiday a few weeks ago and it was AWESOME. London/Oxford= Awesome I mainly went to see Audrey, she’s living in London now so since I was there, we took some nearby trips. Day 1 I treated … Continue reading

Happy Holidays!!

It’s Christmas Eve!!! Even before Christmas has started, I have been meeting up with some friends to catch up and celebrate with some turkey, ham, pizza…the works 🙂 Don’t forget to work out whilst you’re enjoying your Christmas’s a quickie videos I worked out to today: This year has breezed past so fast I … Continue reading

The Singaporean’s Escape Plan – Top 10 Best Hotels To Getaway In Singapore

I love to travel. No, that’s incorrect…I love to escape. From the busy life in the city to the rest of the world, I just can’t get enough of the feeling when I reach the airport and start walking through duty free to gates of my next destination. Even if I can’t afford to travel overseas, … Continue reading

The Old Malaya Cafe: They Brought Back Chicken Rice Balls

I recently tried out The Old Malaya Cafe – Tampines Mall branch. My mum kept raving about the food and so far, it is one of the few places left in Singapore that sells Chicken Rice Balls. Really like how they’ve decorated the place, very rustic and it feels very “peranakan”. They have so many old … Continue reading

Batam: The Semi-Disastrous Planning With Harris Resort

I recently planned a trip to Batam for my mum which we extended to the rest of our immediate family. We bought one of those promos, it was an experience for sure -_- Point 1: NEVER TAKE BATAM FAST for your ferry. They cancelled our booking by accident and were not clear on the … Continue reading

The Traveling Noob: First Trip To Phuket

Woop woop!! Went to Phuket for the first time with Audrey  last week. I tell you I love all the travel deal promos that are popping up whole 4D3N trip with return tickets + airport tax, accomodation at a decent boutique hotel and breakfast was $350 net per person. Get this…this location exists!! I was … Continue reading

Photo Overload: A Noob’s View Of Sydney And Melbourne 2011 (Part 1)

I am so sad my trip has ended…I DIDN’T WANNA COME BACK 😦 17 days of seeing my family, friends studying in Australia, food and shopping…and Audrey even came up last minute to spend the holiday with me. I would seriously do it all again (especially the $5 clearance Supre sale).  Ready for the photo overload? I warn you … Continue reading

Vesak Day Holiday = Long Weekend!!

Hello darlings…sorry for not been blogging that often recently. My week has been so packed with work, school, renovation decisions,’s a highlight of  my week so far: 1. Friday – Vesak Day and Spa Treat Yes….. NO WORK! For those of you who dont know about Vesak Day, it’s a Buddhist holiday which means “Enlightenment”. … Continue reading

Back from Bangkok and Back To Work

Helloooo 🙂 Sorry for not telling you guys earlier that I went to Bangkok so I havent updated the blog in 6 days. Ohhhhh but it was worth the trip – the shopping, the food and the list goes on 🙂 This was SO NOT THE USUAL SHOPPING HOLIDAY. List of Activities for BKK Trip … Continue reading