New Timberland Range: Rough Seas Spring 2012

Advertorial Today’s such a perfectly sunny day. A great day to be outdoors, chilling near the Marina Bay and being near the water. Set in the fitting Pier Side restaurant,  it was the ideal venue for Timberland to showcase to various media representatives and bloggers their latest Rough Seas product range. Now ladies, before you … Continue reading

Tried & Tested: Love The Sun With Sunplay’s Super Block And Body Mist

We’re any of you guys, as kids, forced to wear sunblock almost everyday? I was one such kid. It lasted for a couple of months when I was in Primary school because my mom was so scared I would get dark. You just imagine –  afternoon session in school, this nerdy girl walks into the … Continue reading

The Brutality of Gymnastics

I used to love Gymnastics. Everytime the Olympics were around in primary school, I used to stay home and watch only the gymnastics and ice-skating competitions (yes, i was your typical pink princess girl…shoosh okay!) I mean seriously, I thought I could be like this chick in the video…WOOOO!!! Oiiiiiii! You think I cant make it … Continue reading