IKEA Friends: Need Some Retail Therapy?

Advertorial Dreary Monday? Don’t miss out on your work week shopping treat specially for IKEA friends members! Kick those work stress away with some retail therapy from 7 – 11pm, from Mondays to Fridays and show your email with this promotion to get a $15 IKEA Gift Card with a minimum spend of $150. Or … Continue reading

L’Oreal Singapore Beauty Sale – Hot Deals @ Expo!!

Is it me or are there quite a decent number of warehouse sales happening this month? 🙂 Last week, L’Oreal had a private invite-only sale and my colleagues had so many good purchases. Now, I believe this sale is open to the public at the Singapore Expo selling Cosmetics, Beauty and Perfumes. Here’s the list of … Continue reading

National Day Promo – The Great Electronics & Furniture Fair 2011

The Great Electronics & Furniture Fair 2011 is back again to offer you some National Day Promotion in celebration of Singapore’s 46th Birthday!! On offer are deals at S$46 on Nikon Digital Camera or Samsung 22 Inch LED TV’s … and I think they will all be sold out before I get to the event … Continue reading

Bag Hangers Are Genius

Truly…whoever invented the “Bag Hanger” is a genius. I dont have to keep holding my bag uncomfortably on my lap,  behind me on my chair or KEEP HOLDING IT if I am at a standing table. For those of you who dont know me, I always carry a medium-size bag. You will never see me … Continue reading

The Bed Has Been Chosen!

I tell you my friends… I blew a BOMB at Ikea yesterday right in my purple wallet. It still has a hole but at least…i have a new bed! *WOOP-WOOP* It’s part of the Malm series for bedroom sets in “Black-Brown” and I can adjust the height of my bed and add a higher headboard if I want to 🙂 The goal … Continue reading

$$$ The LAZIEST Way To Save $$$

Wooooo!!!  I am so happy Audrey found this great article from Financial Edge on how to save a lot more efficiently and AS LAZY AS POSSIBLE. I cant save at all guys, I am the sort of person who will join Shopoholics Anonymous if there was one cos a bulk of my salary ends up … Continue reading

The Mother Escapades: To Bugis and Beyond

Woooo!! Long holiday weekend! We have a holiday starting on Good Friday for Holy Week and it’s sadly coming to an end already. I had so much to do this week I dont feel rested at all but at least I went shopping! On Saturday, we went to Bugis before I went for the Nuffnang Blogger Symposium – YES … Continue reading

Back from Bangkok and Back To Work

Helloooo 🙂 Sorry for not telling you guys earlier that I went to Bangkok so I havent updated the blog in 6 days. Ohhhhh but it was worth the trip – the shopping, the food and the list goes on 🙂 This was SO NOT THE USUAL SHOPPING HOLIDAY. List of Activities for BKK Trip … Continue reading

The Cathay: My One-Stop Shop!

Sigh…sooo many birthdays this month 😦 I love you my friends but you guys make me broke man! Luckily, it’s not the second half of the year yet where all our parents were conceiving on New Years 😉 I was walking around town yesterday, looking for presents for all you peeps and… town is getting ridiculously … Continue reading

Mission: Hope for Haiti

OMG my essay took longer than expected to do…I can’t believe I forgot it was due today at 5pm and I only realised yesterday at 9pm! So that is OFFICIALLY the end of the third module ❤ I’ve been sooo busy this week! All my things slowly started getting spoilt or ran out so I had … Continue reading