Cupcake Lovers! Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth At The Cupcake Asylum

Advertorial   I love it when my friends bake for me 🙂 My friend, Ai Ling, has always been a fantastic baker and has decided to make a business out of it with her recently cupcake biz.. The Cupcake Asylum Let me tell you, if you have a sweet tooth, you’d definitely get it satisfied with her … Continue reading

The Travelling Noob: London Was Awesome, Paris Was A Ghetto, And Spain Was Hot!

*LONG POST ALERT- don’t say I didn’t warn you* Hello my friends 🙂 I got back from my Eurotrip holiday a few weeks ago and it was AWESOME. London/Oxford= Awesome I mainly went to see Audrey, she’s living in London now so since I was there, we took some nearby trips. Day 1 I treated … Continue reading

Have A Surprise City Getaway Date

I had a such a fantastic weekend and I managed to have a surprise City Getaway Date; fully NOT planned by me of course.. had no clue what was going on. I LOVE SURPRISES ❤  But everytime we got into a cab, I had to stand outside whilst the driver was told a mystery location. Poor thing..the taxi driver still said the … Continue reading