Make Up: Graphic Eyeliner

My friends..yours truly is sick today. Caught the flu bug since Monday and I thought I’d let my antibodies take over and fight it on its own BUT…no hope. Now, I am a tad drowsy from the meds but googling on Youtube for more make up inspirations and I’m checking out different ways (or a … Continue reading

Tried & Tested: Customizable Natural Pink Lips With Lip Ice Sheer Lip Moisturizers

Got a chance to try out the new product range for Lip Ice Sheer Lip Moisturizers ($7.50). (Psstttt…I am giving away a sample in this post too. Keep reading.. ) The last I bought any kind of lip balm was in secondary school because of all their fruity flavours. Once I started working, I stopped using lip balms in general and switched … Continue reading

An Evening Of Beauty Indulgence With Murad’s New Hybrid Collection

Advertorial Dr Howard Murad started out as a dermatalogist and changed the fields of skincare. His discoveries of Science of Cellular Water™, medical spas and Esthetic AHA formulations has made him widely acknowledged and now, he introduces the new Hybrid collection. What are Hybrids? Hybrids are high performance treatments specifically formulated to improve skin health blended with a … Continue reading

Halloween Make-Up Muse: Alien Invasion

Just penning my thoughts..don’t mind me. I wanna use special effects make up or just normal makeup (but my skills need to improve) for Halloween this year and just look at Katy Perry!! Hardcore man..imagine if I looked like this. Found some videos to do her make up if anyone is interested:

Make Up Muse: Dark and Dramatic Purple and Blue Eye Make Up

As some of you know, I learnt my eye make up from watching Youtube videos. Hehehehehe I cant help watching them. I especially love watching Lauren Luke mostly but now I’ve found this girl – Miss Chievous. She has tips on nail art and make up ❤ Now some might be scared of doing strong … Continue reading

The Ultimate Summer 2010 Make Up Tips

Im going for a Bintan trip pretty soon!!! Wahhahahha!! YES FINALLY ON (another) HOLIDAY.. Yes, I admit I like to treat myself to a mini spa or holiday retreat once in a keeps me sane 🙂 Singaporeans and corporate sluggers alike, if you are sick of the usual resort and want something a bit more kampong-style, try Nirwana Beach Club.   … Continue reading

Monday Make-Up Blues: Double-Winged Eyeliner

It’s 2.39am here in SG. I am tired but my eyes wont close. Sucks man…I’m gonna have such bad eye bags and dark circles tomorrow… I hope I can wake up cos it’s gonna be a busy day after the holiday. Looking around for make up tips like I always do and I spotted this … Continue reading