Girls…Do you douch? Guys, read at your own risk.

Now before I all know I am quite open to talking about vaginas. Guys, this is one such post so if this makes you squirm, feel free to browse the other posts 🙂 Your escape route = click here . . . . LADIES!!! And remaining gentlemen (please inform your gfs and wives), I LOVE … Continue reading

Spa Esprit’s Essential Oils Workshop: Heal Yourself With Essential Oils **Sample Provided**

Advertorial As most of us would know, tucked away in Dempsey is the wonderful world called Beauty Emporium that houses Spa Esprit 🙂 I was one of the lucky bloggers who was invited to The Power Of Scent Workshop that gave insights on proven health and other benefits of using Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (a.k.a The Best) essential oils AND the harm fake ones (yes, there … Continue reading

Lose Weight With Acai Berries: How True Is This?

One discovery made at work today – Acai Berries. If you dont’ know by now, I am pretty engrossed in fitness. Anything to achieve my Victoria Secrets Model body, raise my metabolic rate and improve my immune system, I will be on it pronto! Now with my regular exercise of looking for my missing cat, I can … Continue reading

Quickie Post: Gymming During Lunch Today

Oh gawd..I am dreading lunch but I SO NEED TO EXERCISE IT’S NOT FUNNY. The lunch class today is “Step 101” but Im not too keen on aerobics that much for lunch. Maybe I’d just use the gym equipment today and have a quick lunch. Argghhh..wish me luck that I dont pass out 🙂

I am not pregnant, I am bloated

I cannot believe this man.. Not only am I gaining more weight, I have BLOATEDNESS. I was in the lift and LOOK AT MY STOMACH!! The pic is blur but you can still see the stomach. This was at 4pm ah..My lunch has subsided already -_- I LOOK 2 MONTHS PREGNANT. My most critical commentor – … Continue reading