Tried & Tested: Kinky Muk Curl Amplifier

As usual, I am always on a lookout for more curly hair products that I can’t get here in Singapore. Just tried the Muk range for curly hair that I bought from Sydney a while back. Their official website has a lot of angst man but it’s an interesting read. The main product that I’m using … Continue reading

Essential Bloggers Challenge!

To vote.. 1. Click on this link: 2. Like the page 3. Look for my photo at this link and like it: Hehehehe yes, I look like that when I wake up..towel ready and all 🙂 Thanks! Thanks!!

Yoohoo! Need Some Essential Hair Lovin’?

Advertorial I am pretty particular about the kind of products used on my hair. If you havent guessed yet from the photo, I am a full-on natural curly-haired bob. Every morning I wake up to a mess but I had to take a picture of  this… What’s worse is that I am in FREAKING HUMIDITY … Continue reading

Curly Hairstyle Trends of 2010

Hehehehe yes, I like to find these things out. I am so bored of my hair!! Nothing to do with it and guess what? The trend for 2010 is my CURRENT hairstyle that has been my hairstyle for at least 1 year? Meet The Curly Bob – Modern Short Curly Hairstyle of 2010 Roar!!!! and of … Continue reading

Curly Hair Diaries: Find Me The PERFECT Hair Stylist

I can’t believe it’s already MONDAY 😦 Sunday has gone so very very f.a.s.t. Decided to spend my time productively today and since I’ve been delaying a hair cut, it’s TIME TO GO GET IT. First stop: Lunch 😀   Wooohooo! My absolute favourite Bak Chor Mee a.k.a minced meat noodle with homemade Ice Lemon Tea at the coffee … Continue reading

DIY Hair Job: Hair Undertones Can Be A B**ch

Sometimes, I do not know what to do with my hair.. truly. I can buy any DIY hair colour in the WORLD and my hair colour will always turn back to the same colour – Dark Reddish Brown. Just like my latest dye job – it’s suppose to be Chestnut Brown in the previous post. … Continue reading

Go DIY Darling: How to Dye Your Hair Like A Pro!!

Helllooo Kittens! My mom used to be a professional hair stylist, worked with David Gan and even did hair transplanting back in the day. With that said, she taught me how to dye my hair like she did in the salons –  to fully cover your whole head evenly. And yes, I do dye my hair. It was … Continue reading

Frizzy Hair: The Battle Never Dies!

Today was soo unbelievably hot. I don’t know what’s going on with the weather in Singapore. At work, the sun shines extra brightly nowadays at 10am to the point I really need to wind down the blinds or I’m blind at the computer screen! Ít doesn’t help that my hair is soo curly it can’t survive … Continue reading