Cupcake Lovers! Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth At The Cupcake Asylum

Advertorial   I love it when my friends bake for me 🙂 My friend, Ai Ling, has always been a fantastic baker and has decided to make a business out of it with her recently cupcake biz.. The Cupcake Asylum Let me tell you, if you have a sweet tooth, you’d definitely get it satisfied with her … Continue reading

The Travelling Noob: London Was Awesome, Paris Was A Ghetto, And Spain Was Hot!

*LONG POST ALERT- don’t say I didn’t warn you* Hello my friends 🙂 I got back from my Eurotrip holiday a few weeks ago and it was AWESOME. London/Oxford= Awesome I mainly went to see Audrey, she’s living in London now so since I was there, we took some nearby trips. Day 1 I treated … Continue reading

The Brunch Lunch @ Chong’s

It’s Hari Raya Haji! Or was rather, this event happened on that public holiday. Sighhhh….my friends. Let me tell you about them.. We were suppose to have brunch, one of us came a bit too late now and it ended up being lunch/early tea 🙂 Punctuality is definitely not a key factor here (and also Anto’s … Continue reading

Anto Is Getting Old But Looking Golden On Her 24th Birthday

Heh yeah being 24 is actually not old at all but if you think about it, people get married etc around this age. Like “some people” would say, next year im 25 and that basically rounds it up to 30 -_- I must say being 24 feels like I am still 22. I still got … Continue reading

The Old Malaya Cafe: They Brought Back Chicken Rice Balls

I recently tried out The Old Malaya Cafe – Tampines Mall branch. My mum kept raving about the food and so far, it is one of the few places left in Singapore that sells Chicken Rice Balls. Really like how they’ve decorated the place, very rustic and it feels very “peranakan”. They have so many old … Continue reading

Good Ol’ Pasir Ris: Thai Food And Bubble Tea

I  miss Pasir Ris, it has given me a lot of memories.. From the old swimming pool at Costa Sands, Downtown East.. …to the crazy chalets during Secondary School. Trust me, this pic is only a taste of what went on in those chalets. Because I love you victims, that is all I will put … Continue reading

Anto’s Anyhow Cooking Show: Ginseng Chicken Tonic/Soup

Ahhhh you are sooo lucky…ONE MORE EPISODE FOR YOU TODAY 🙂 Welcome back to Anto’s Anyhow Cooking Show – Ginseng Chicken Tonic/Soup. Dont ze tastes better than it sounds 🙂 Step 1: Buy this tonic kit from ze Giant yes? They already packed it for easy peasy. Step 2: You better follow the … Continue reading

Anto’s Anyhow Cooking Show: Ham And Cheese Crepes

Welcome Back To Ze Another Epizode Of Anto’s Anyhow Cooking Show *kiss kiss* Today’s meal is ze very easy peasy you know..Ham and Cheese Crepes 😉 What you will need: 1. Mixed Ham 2. Mozarella Cheese 3. Crepes (Your chef she is ze very lazy and tired so she bought ze ready-made from Giant)   … Continue reading

Christmas 2010 In A Nutshell

The holidays came by too fast man..FIRST Christmas came and NOW Chinese New Year has already gone by! I had so much going on that I want to put will all just be in images. Enjoy 🙂 . . . . . . . Meet “Rookie” in his Santa outfit – complete with a … Continue reading

Anto’s Any-How Cooking Show: Tikka Butter Chicken with Basmati Rice

Helllo…and welcome to ze…  Antoinette’s Any-How Cooking Show 😉 Now..I ze call this the “any-how” cos Chef Antoinette is ze most lazy chef on ze planet. She even bought ze INDIAN spices ready made in a bottle from Marks & Spencers, not from Little India SO..if you are as lazy as me, this ze cooking show is made specially for you … Continue reading