Tried & Tested: Kinky Muk Curl Amplifier

As usual, I am always on a lookout for more curly hair products that I can’t get here in Singapore. Just tried the Muk range for curly hair that I bought from Sydney a while back. Their official website has a lot of angst man but it’s an interesting read. The main product that I’m using … Continue reading

Curly Hairstyle Trends Of 2011

Okay..I don’t know if it’s me (or maybe it’s obvious) but everyone is going PIXIE SHORT OR SIDE-SHAVED in 2011. Shaved Hairdos **All shaved photos courtesy of Pixie Hairdos Photo courtesy of Photo courtesy of Photo Courtesy of writes this for short ‘dos: “The ruffled-up short hairstyle – with hair … Continue reading

Curly Hairstyle Trends of 2010

Hehehehe yes, I like to find these things out. I am so bored of my hair!! Nothing to do with it and guess what? The trend for 2010 is my CURRENT hairstyle that has been my hairstyle for at least 1 year? Meet The Curly Bob – Modern Short Curly Hairstyle of 2010 Roar!!!! and of … Continue reading

DIY Hair Job: Hair Undertones Can Be A B**ch

Sometimes, I do not know what to do with my hair.. truly. I can buy any DIY hair colour in the WORLD and my hair colour will always turn back to the same colour – Dark Reddish Brown. Just like my latest dye job – it’s suppose to be Chestnut Brown in the previous post. … Continue reading

Frizzy Hair: The Battle Never Dies!

Today was soo unbelievably hot. I don’t know what’s going on with the weather in Singapore. At work, the sun shines extra brightly nowadays at 10am to the point I really need to wind down the blinds or I’m blind at the computer screen! Ít doesn’t help that my hair is soo curly it can’t survive … Continue reading