Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

Hello my friends 🙂 I think quite a few of us can conclude 2011 was a pretty SHIT year. I even have a 2011 SHIT LIST. In order of the shittiest.. 1.  Having a few loved ones pass on..yes A FEW = MORE THAN ONE. 2. Finding out Audrey needs to leave to London for 2 years 3. … Continue reading

Happy Holidays!!

It’s Christmas Eve!!! Even before Christmas has started, I have been meeting up with some friends to catch up and celebrate with some turkey, ham, pizza…the works 🙂 Don’t forget to work out whilst you’re enjoying your Christmas’s a quickie videos I worked out to today: This year has breezed past so fast I … Continue reading

Christmas 2010 In A Nutshell

The holidays came by too fast man..FIRST Christmas came and NOW Chinese New Year has already gone by! I had so much going on that I want to put will all just be in images. Enjoy 🙂 . . . . . . . Meet “Rookie” in his Santa outfit – complete with a … Continue reading

Go DIY Darlings: Luxe Nails Starts Today

Had some dinner with the cousins at Shokudo 🙂 I just have to show you my tiny but damn messy Bacon Rosti Pizza! YUM!!! One poor strand of potato fighting for it’s life to stay on right there.. NOW… Many of you keep asking me how I look after my nails and in painting both … Continue reading