RMIT Grad 2011: Mortar Boards, Board Games And The Aftermath

Hellooo 😉 Okay so if we’re friends on Facebook, you would have seen the splash of my grad photos. Just wanted to document the event and the aftermath on my blog too. I am SO HAPPY to finally be a graduate!! Ohhhhhhh… NO MORE SCHOOL FOR ME PLEASE! Unless I have some time to kill or another recession happens, … Continue reading

6 Tips for the Hopeful Entrepreneur – Tim Tyrell-Smith

Thought this was a good article on Yahoo! Singapore Finance and wanted to share: Down economies tend to give rise to great ideas, and this one is no exception. As the job market continues to be tight, the option to start your own venture sounds pretty good. We all have fantasies about becoming filthy rich … Continue reading

Having Problems Getting A Job? PreVView Might Be For You

Advertorial   Are you looking for a job, went on countless job or classified sites but to no avail? Do you feel that you cant express yourself fully due to certain interaction limitations on the site and with your potential boss? Then PreVView  is the  job website for you! Why? 1) Dedicated Profile Page – … Continue reading

HelloMissPatterson 2010 Review

The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health: The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads Wow. Crunchy numbers A helper monkey made this abstract painting, inspired by your stats. About 3 million people visit the Taj Mahal every year. This blog was … Continue reading

KC Family Day: Cant Believe It Was This Huge

I havent been back to KC in ages… (and OMG the O in Katong made my ass look 10x bigger!!!) For those reading this and dont know, yes I am from Katong Convent. You may continue your snickering and judging but I loved being in KC. I dont think Ive been back since I graduated from … Continue reading

Quickie Post: Ever Wanted A Place To Nap During Work?

Honestly…I have been searching for a place to sleep in Singapore during work. Ehhh I am not lazy..I just think napping will probably make you more awake and be more productive if you’re tired. IT MAKES COMPLETE SENSE… 1. You are tired 2. You need a nap to get some rest 3. Find a place … Continue reading

The Busy Weekend(s) Checklist

Omg I wanna shoot myself. Once again, I have packed my weekend with almost no room for rest. Reminder of things to do: Friday 03/09/10 1. Work till 6pm 2.Aqualabel Video Blog Workshop at 6.45pm till late 3. Put up video blog post   Saturday 04/09/10 1. Nixxon Art Splash @ Old School 2. MCM … Continue reading

Quickie Post: The Mahjong Study Session

Hahah yes…we got bored of studying after a while okay. You have no idea how much part-time students DREAD studying when you already hold a full-time job. Disclaimer: If you’re a part-time student and dont dread it..good for you, be a scholar 🙂 I have a marketing exam this Friday and his notes are CRAP. … Continue reading

My iPhone Took An Impromptu Holiday

Sucks ass 😦 My iPhone has joined Audrey in Shanghai by accident. She’s going there for training and had a caller from my phone to wish her well. BOTH OF US FORGOT THE PHONE WAS WITH HER…and now, my phone is in Shanghai for almost 5 weeks. If only you could fly back to me….like this: … Continue reading

Creative Ideas To Pimp Your Office Cubicle

Helloo ❤ This one was inspired by my cousin who’s doing a temp job now in my office for the school holidays. She wanted to put feather decorations to line her cubicle to make it look more cheerful so wanted to search the other ways to decorate ze common cubicle. Voila! Themes Never will my desk … Continue reading