IKEA: More Reasons To Love Our Favourite Store

Advertorial IKEA…we all know and love this well-known international store that provides us with affordable furniture and food that expands our palate to Swedish cuisine. Even with no intention to shop, once walking through those IKEA’s doors, almost everyone will leave the store with a shopping bag or two in hand. So….we all know, WE LOVE IKEA. … Continue reading

HMP News Flash: Product Review Clarification

Dear Readers, I just want to bring your attention to this news article posted on Yahoo! News (Click Here) I, Antoinette Patterson, the writer/editor/founder of HelloMissPatterson blog ONLY writes product reviews if I know the brand or it’s an established brand e.g. Shiseido The products WILL be sold in a local flagship store in Singapore … Continue reading


we miss you come back soon 😀

I Am A Damn Good Party Planner: Steph’s Hen Party

Hehehehehehe I tell you, I  know I can be shameless okay but for this party I am not afraid to admit it – I think I planned a pretty good hen party for Steph. Steph is my darling poly friend who takes great photos and she was the one who did this for me. Ehhh give me some credit … Continue reading

That’s right…I’m A Nake Nake Naked.

Woooo! Kudos to STEPHANIE for taking such great pics of me. This semi-nude shoot went so beyond the normal boundaries of friendship I tell you… This was one of the things I wanted to do before I die so I am gonna let the photos speak for themselves.. Semi-nude photoshoot – Check! Love ya Steph 🙂

Product Review: Shiseido’s Aqualabel Reset White Mask

Wooooo!!! The day has finally come to an end.. I CANNOT wait to unwind and get my mask on. As all of you know, I love my mini DIY spas so I’m so happy to share with you my newest muse 🙂 Can’t tell yet? I heard so much about this line coming in from Shiseido … Continue reading

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words (via Fort James, WA)

I went to a gathering for my coffee group this evening. I always enjoy my time with this amazing group of ladies from my husband’s unit. As our soldiers wrap up some business in Iraq and prepare to come home, the conversation randomly focused on a particular photo, taken by journalist/photographer Michael Yon, of a … Continue reading

This Is A Wedding March?

The joys of having StumbleUpon..darlings, I learnt a lot through this little widget. Look at the mini joys it brought me..never seen a march like this before: Not a wedding march but still…hehe a bit funny (but mostly sad if that were me)

Things To Do Before I Die

Things To Do Before I Die 1. Skinny-Dipping 2. At least one tattoo 3. Model Naked / Semi-Naked Still pondering if I should put any photos up. Dont want you guys to get nightmares 🙂 4. Break into a house whether occupied or not 5. Make sure I have a body of a Victoria Secrets … Continue reading

Happy Anniversary!!

Omg…I’ve been with my partner for 5 yrs now! I love you loads babe…Keep ’em coming! See you later for our well-planned date. Hahha im so shameless since the planner is obviously me..