Tried & Tested: Kinky Muk Curl Amplifier

As usual, I am always on a lookout for more curly hair products that I can’t get here in Singapore. Just tried the Muk range for curly hair that I bought from Sydney a while back. Their official website has a lot of angst man but it’s an interesting read. The main product that I’m using … Continue reading

IKEA Friends: Need Some Retail Therapy?

Advertorial Dreary Monday? Don’t miss out on your work week shopping treat specially for IKEA friends members! Kick those work stress away with some retail therapy from 7 – 11pm, from Mondays to Fridays and show your email with this promotion to get a $15 IKEA Gift Card with a minimum spend of $150. Or … Continue reading

Le Marina Barrage Picnic Fail

We had a picnic today.. an epic fail picnic at Marina Barrage 🙂 Why was it ze epic fail? 1. Brought a mat..but it was too small. We had to sit on the grass and put our food in the middle 🙂 2. Cherry’s juice spout completely came out… and we had no cups.   3. We … Continue reading

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

Hello my friends 🙂 I think quite a few of us can conclude 2011 was a pretty SHIT year. I even have a 2011 SHIT LIST. In order of the shittiest.. 1.  Having a few loved ones pass on..yes A FEW = MORE THAN ONE. 2. Finding out Audrey needs to leave to London for 2 years 3. … Continue reading

Happy Holidays!!

It’s Christmas Eve!!! Even before Christmas has started, I have been meeting up with some friends to catch up and celebrate with some turkey, ham, pizza…the works 🙂 Don’t forget to work out whilst you’re enjoying your Christmas’s a quickie videos I worked out to today: This year has breezed past so fast I … Continue reading

Dear Me: A Letter To My Insecure 16 Year Old Self

This is based on another WordPress post I saw. The way she wrote it caught my attention and it made sense to jot this down so I can tell my potential kids/ grand kids/ nieces/ nephews (or at least my pets) what I went through and the reality of it all.. Honestly 16 year old … Continue reading

Ughhh! Hate Your Hair Fall Problems? Try Out the CLEAR Nutrium 10 Range

Advertorial God..I have such bad hair fall okay guys. Don’t be deceived by this big bush on my head, it looks like I have a lot of hair but A LOT MORE drops every single day in my shower 😦 I currently use another salon brand but it’s specifically for curly hair in this humid … Continue reading

The Singaporean’s Escape Plan – Top 10 Best Hotels To Getaway In Singapore

I love to travel. No, that’s incorrect…I love to escape. From the busy life in the city to the rest of the world, I just can’t get enough of the feeling when I reach the airport and start walking through duty free to gates of my next destination. Even if I can’t afford to travel overseas, … Continue reading

The Brunch Lunch @ Chong’s

It’s Hari Raya Haji! Or was rather, this event happened on that public holiday. Sighhhh….my friends. Let me tell you about them.. We were suppose to have brunch, one of us came a bit too late now and it ended up being lunch/early tea 🙂 Punctuality is definitely not a key factor here (and also Anto’s … Continue reading

Halloween 2011: Best Places To Go In Singapore

Halloween is this week!!! Most places are celebrating but where are the best places to go this weekend? Especially now that the Night Safari isnt having their annual event anymore. Whether you’re going out clubbing or with your family, these are the  hottest locations to go: For the families… 1. UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SINGAPORE-HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS … Continue reading