How To Be Thrifty

Hi Guys, Just wanted to share this link Audrey found on Yahoo! News. Im having a hard time saving up for my Aussie trip so thought this info should be shared 🙂 Click on “Yahoo! News” to go straight to the article. How To Be Thrifty In Generation WTF, sociology professor and self-help expert Christine … Continue reading

Stop Your Money Problems From Being Self-Induced

Okay I just have to write this post based on how many people I know COMPLAINING that they’ve got no money, not as lucky..blah blah BLAH!  Friends, I love you, but cut the crap..All of your problems, as far as I can gather, are self-induced. You over-do the clubbing, the drinking, the Geylang escapades, the shopping and you … Continue reading

$$$ The LAZIEST Way To Save $$$

Wooooo!!!  I am so happy Audrey found this great article from Financial Edge on how to save a lot more efficiently and AS LAZY AS POSSIBLE. I cant save at all guys, I am the sort of person who will join Shopoholics Anonymous if there was one cos a bulk of my salary ends up … Continue reading