Anto And Audrey: Rocking 6 Years At The Hard Rock Hotel

Cant believe it right? 6 years came and gone so fast. This year, we had a bit of trouble celebrating cos we were so busy but now that we finally can, Audrey brought me to Hard Rock Hotel at Sentosa. I warn you – I am a tourist in my own country. First stop, a sushi … Continue reading

The New Vichy Essentielles Product Range – Try It For Yourself!

Advertorial   Vichy Laboratories has launched a new product range that is SIMPLE, gentle enough for sensitive skin and easy on the pocket 🙂 Meet.. Vichy Essentielles. The kind people at Vichy invited me down to do a skin analysis before determining if I am suitable for reviewing the product range. Since I have oily sensitive skin, I … Continue reading

I Miss My 17 Year Old Body

This post is to make myself feel better. I know this is a bad photo (I was asked to pose like this..believe it or not) but…the focus is on my stomach. My mom made me do one of those portrait photo shoots for fun. Luckily she did cos this is the only photo I have … Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s or Anti-Valentine’s Day

If you’re reading this, Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Hope you’re surrounded by your partner, friends or family today. I used to turn it into “Anti-Valentine’s Day“. I just didn’t believe in it and found it very commercial. My presents backed then were decked out in black. This picture below was me for my whole … Continue reading

TGIF! Tonight’s A Busy Night

Wooooo! TGIF 🙂 Tonight’s gonna be busy: 1. Drinks with guests from the office in other markets (Raffles) 2. Ally’s Farewell Party (Dinner at Temptation’s and Chris’s house) 3. Stopover to drink with mom (across from Ally’s party) 4. Pat’s Farewell Drinks(Chijmes/Orchard Towers?) 😀 OMG..and I had to turn down Joyce and Marina today too … Continue reading

I Hate Airport Departures – Steph and Daniel :(

Uggghhhh…My friends Steph and Daniel left for US today. I can’t believe it..time went by too fast. First you both got married in December 2010 and now *poof* you’re gone in February 2011 😦 Too fast..(sidetrack a bit – too furious hehe) All of us met at 5 in the morning ah but their original … Continue reading

Read This: Suffer The Little Children – Frances Reilly

I got this book from Audrey for my Christmas present!! Frances Reilly (author with her book)   Hah actually she wanted to get me an expensive present but my gift to her was less than $20 man!! I got her a clip on light so she can read in the dark..IT IS VERY POWERFUL, don’t … Continue reading

Kronenbourg Blanc, A German Brunch and ZoukOut 2010

Kronenbourg Blanc Night Oh man…the last two weeks felt like forever. December is suppose to be a peaceful month as others go on leave but it doesnt seem to be that way. But some good came out of it.. Let me introduce you to….The Princess Beer: Kronenbourg Blanc Ohhhhh just look at it..*so pretty* For … Continue reading

The Joy of Fruits and Hair Styling With Liese :)

Advertorial I tell you, the amount of  Japanese hair products are on a rise and sometimes I feel not all can be trusted; considering my hair type. Most of the time, my hair can be pretty uncontrollable to I would always tie it up. Luckily, Liese ( pronounced ‘lee-say’) has teamed up with the Sample Store … Continue reading

Quickie Post: The Results Of Shiseido Aqualabel Blogging Competition

Hello Friends, The time has come!!! For those of you who have me on Twitter, you probably knew the answer to this already. I didn’t make it through guys but it was a good experience (first time taking part in a blogging competitition and I made it to the last round). I only started blogging … Continue reading