Email From Lecturer..You Basicly Wasted Our Time

Hello friends, I am pissed..i dont think I deserve this kind of attitude. Not when I appealed for my grades nicely and got barely any response for a period of time. Then, the representative made me go around looking for diff guidelines on how to appeal (since affiliate school) and  when I finally sent it, NO RESPONSE FOR … Continue reading

Jessica Simpson: The Price of Beauty is a Failure

Poor Jessica. Was watching her on E! Entertainment the other night at Audrey’s house and how she goes on about her new show – The Price of Beauty. Super Sucking It In Here.. She wants to be role model for women everywhere apparently and goes on this global hike to find out the beauty rituals … Continue reading

Booze for your Boobs

OMG…………i dont know whether to laugh at this cos it’s sorta creative or to be damn insulted: Over Easy over at One Fullerton is giving away free drinks according to your bust size. No Joke!!!   It’s part of their  “Fill My Cup” promo…haha shit! Damn cheesy la.. “The free drink nights have strict rules: There … Continue reading

Tila Tequila: What the hell happened to you?!

Who’s watched ‘A Shot At Love with Tila Tequila’? *FRANTICALLY WAVES HAND IN THE AIR* Okay i dont know about you, but I was obsessed with the show. In Spore, we didnt have it broadcasted on MTV because of ‘controversial issues’ – lesbianism blah lah blah. WHO CARES?!!! The boys were hot and so were … Continue reading