And The Birthday Parties Begin: The Peasies Turns 24

OMG I just got back from Bangalore and during that time I missed at least 4 birthday parties which I am currently making up for. I dont know about you but majority of my friends’ birthdays are in this second half of the year…one of them is Rachel Pereira (Pea). This woman and I have been friends … Continue reading

Halloween Make-Up Muse: Alien Invasion

Just penning my thoughts..don’t mind me. I wanna use special effects make up or just normal makeup (but my skills need to improve) for Halloween this year and just look at Katy Perry!! Hardcore man..imagine if I looked like this. Found some videos to do her make up if anyone is interested:

Happy Valentine’s or Anti-Valentine’s Day

If you’re reading this, Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Hope you’re surrounded by your partner, friends or family today. I used to turn it into “Anti-Valentine’s Day“. I just didn’t believe in it and found it very commercial. My presents backed then were decked out in black. This picture below was me for my whole … Continue reading

TGIF! Tonight’s A Busy Night

Wooooo! TGIF 🙂 Tonight’s gonna be busy: 1. Drinks with guests from the office in other markets (Raffles) 2. Ally’s Farewell Party (Dinner at Temptation’s and Chris’s house) 3. Stopover to drink with mom (across from Ally’s party) 4. Pat’s Farewell Drinks(Chijmes/Orchard Towers?) 😀 OMG..and I had to turn down Joyce and Marina today too … Continue reading

Surprise!!! Happy Birthday Meli :)

It was Mel’s birthday on the 20th and the poor woman was sick! So, we surprised her (almost midnight but nvm la, she needed some rest). I went to Icing Room to make for her a DIY cake. A lot of love went into it okay! But it was quite addictive..I was there for 45 … Continue reading

Kronenbourg Blanc, A German Brunch and ZoukOut 2010

Kronenbourg Blanc Night Oh man…the last two weeks felt like forever. December is suppose to be a peaceful month as others go on leave but it doesnt seem to be that way. But some good came out of it.. Let me introduce you to….The Princess Beer: Kronenbourg Blanc Ohhhhh just look at it..*so pretty* For … Continue reading

Audrey’s Birthday Part 1: Guess Where? my mom’s exact words..” Eh you girls ah… living the life know. Why you spend that money on a hotel room when your own room has aircon? Might as well go shopping right?” Yes, to some extent that is true but it was her birthday and since we couldnt go on our trip to … Continue reading

OMG Mr Stripper, Seriously?

I tell you guys..ever since I written the post on whether Strippers/Gigolos exist in Singapore, I have been getting a lot of comments and “resumes” to be a stripper for my friend’s hen party. Seriously, from India to mainland China. Firstly, thanks for all who did contribute in narrowing the searches to the final decision for the hen … Continue reading

Halloween 2010: Dress Up Time Again

Woop Woop! Halloween is a comin’ 😀 I really do like Halloween, mainly cos I like to dress up..even if I don’t have a reason to: If you cant tell what I was, I was…………….MEDUSA! I made my own snake hairband man..dont mess! ….yes, im done now. Which brings me to my next question..WHAT ARE … Continue reading

I Am A Damn Good Party Planner: Steph’s Hen Party

Hehehehehehe I tell you, I  know I can be shameless okay but for this party I am not afraid to admit it – I think I planned a pretty good hen party for Steph. Steph is my darling poly friend who takes great photos and she was the one who did this for me. Ehhh give me some credit … Continue reading