Afternoon Perk Me Ups – Need a Perk?

Hehehehe guys..I LOVE stand-up comedy. I watch this every morning in the train on my iPhone and I can be “vibrating” to myself and I dont care. Seriously, what’s better than starting your day with a little comedy? šŸ˜€ Surprisingly, quite a few people I know dont like stand-up comedyĀ which I dont get why. For … Continue reading

The Weekend Summarised In Photographs

Ā Mom learnt Bhangra on Channel News Asia and had to share šŸ™‚

The Date Outdoors: Common Enough But Not As Appreciated

I hadĀ some well appreciated leave this week ā¤ Audrey and I decided to take a day off to just relax and fuel up. I was feeling so out of it this week from being sick and all, I needed toĀ get some driveĀ back. Ā This time, I decided to plan a moreĀ unconventionalĀ date for us.Ā You may think what … Continue reading

Insomiac’s Entertainment: Possible Culture Shock

IĀ cannot sleep šŸ˜¦ Been doing work that needed some clearing before I go on leave and now I am wide awake. For those of you like me, WIDE AWAKE, I am watching this show Kumar did for some company’s dinner party. Singaporeans, I bet you’ve watched this already. It’s too funny but no harm watching … Continue reading

Top 10 Funniest Facebook Groups Ever!

Guest Post onĀ ThatGirlIsFunny.comĀ šŸ˜‰ I love Facebook. I am on it at least 12 hours daily to connect with my friends, get the latest gossip and to simply pass my time with the never-ending amount of games to play. I am on it so much so that I get asked for advice in creating groups and … Continue reading

Possible Stress Release: Sing on The Train Like An Indian Man

Everyone is talking about this singing Indian man in the MRT doing some kinda pole-dance/backbending stunt thingie for god knows what reason. Take a look at the videos below There’s even a Facebook group for him now…and of course it is called “MRT Back-Bending Bollywood Star.“ Poor guy..I wonder whether this isĀ his way of venting … Continue reading