And The Birthday Parties Begin: The Peasies Turns 24

OMG I just got back from Bangalore and during that time I missed at least 4 birthday parties which I am currently making up for. I dont know about you but majority of my friends’ birthdays are in this second half of the year…one of them is Rachel Pereira (Pea). This woman and I have been friends … Continue reading

Super Weekends: Partyin’ Like The Old Days

The same lot but now Peasies is taking the pic for Cherm

My last 2 weekends were CRAZY. I havent gone out like that in a while.. Weekend 1 My first nutcase weekend was at China One with Dawn, Melissa and Charmaine. There was a pretty good Whiskey promo so we started our night with a bottle and….we found Superman 🙂 We ended up at Butter and then to … Continue reading

Random Quickie Post: Pre-Party Pump Playlist

I just got back from Sydney and Mebourne and I am gonna meet the girls tonight ❤ I’m only meeing them at 9pm but  I am already getting pysched and ready. A good playlist works wonders but anyway, if you’re heading out tonight… blast this:    1. Bass Down Low – Dev Ft Cataracs (she’s hot) 2. Hello … Continue reading

TGIF! Tonight’s A Busy Night

Wooooo! TGIF 🙂 Tonight’s gonna be busy: 1. Drinks with guests from the office in other markets (Raffles) 2. Ally’s Farewell Party (Dinner at Temptation’s and Chris’s house) 3. Stopover to drink with mom (across from Ally’s party) 4. Pat’s Farewell Drinks(Chijmes/Orchard Towers?) 😀 OMG..and I had to turn down Joyce and Marina today too … Continue reading

Kronenbourg Blanc, A German Brunch and ZoukOut 2010

Kronenbourg Blanc Night Oh man…the last two weeks felt like forever. December is suppose to be a peaceful month as others go on leave but it doesnt seem to be that way. But some good came out of it.. Let me introduce you to….The Princess Beer: Kronenbourg Blanc Ohhhhh just look at it..*so pretty* For … Continue reading

Halloween 2010: Dress Up Time Again

Woop Woop! Halloween is a comin’ 😀 I really do like Halloween, mainly cos I like to dress up..even if I don’t have a reason to: If you cant tell what I was, I was…………….MEDUSA! I made my own snake hairband man..dont mess! ….yes, im done now. Which brings me to my next question..WHAT ARE … Continue reading

I Am A Damn Good Party Planner: Steph’s Hen Party

Hehehehehehe I tell you, I  know I can be shameless okay but for this party I am not afraid to admit it – I think I planned a pretty good hen party for Steph. Steph is my darling poly friend who takes great photos and she was the one who did this for me. Ehhh give me some credit … Continue reading

Woohoo! My 23rd Birthday Bash (Surprises Included)

Hello Guys.. I am getting another year closer to 30! My mom told me on her 30th birthday she wore black and cried. HAH but at least I have 7 more years to get there. For my birthday this year, I took leave on Sept 16 (actual bday) and Sept 17 so I could get another long weekend … Continue reading

A Crazy Weekend…With Poledancers

Gosh.. last week was interesting. Firstly, celebrated Andre’s 30th birthday at his new place – looks really good, screams of Bachelor Pad 🙂 Audrey made for him a scrapbook..Scrapbooks are not as convenient of a present as you’d think it is.   And then comes Friday 😀 I thought Friday was gonna be a tad boring but … Continue reading

National Day Long Weekend Is Here!!!!

Hello Darlings.. Fellow Singaporeans, Happy National Day. It’s probably the only time we are patriotic from the constant commercial reminders about the benefits of being Singaporean but STILL Happy National Day 🙂 I love the fact that we get a long weekend this week! So many events happened over the course of Friday, Saturday and Sunday … Continue reading