Muse Of The Moment: Shirley Manson

Randomly saw her whilst surfing today. gotta love the 90s. She really reminds me of Poison Ivy and after looking through all her photos, this woman really was a trend setter: 1. Who wore these in the 90s?  All the outfits that became a hit in the last few years..Think she was probably once … Continue reading

I Am A Damn Good Party Planner: Steph’s Hen Party

Hehehehehehe I tell you, I  know I can be shameless okay but for this party I am not afraid to admit it – I think I planned a pretty good hen party for Steph. Steph is my darling poly friend who takes great photos and she was the one who did this for me. Ehhh give me some credit … Continue reading

Mariah’s Fall From Grace..Literally.

Watch the video..enough said.

The Twilight Saga Continues: Eclipse Movie

Okay…amongst all four of the Twilight saga books, Eclipse is my FAVOURITE.    Those of you who read it, you’d know what I mean because Book 3 and Book 4 were the most intense. Those of you who are following the movie only, well not sure if it’s a spoiler or not but someone’s creating an army of vampires.  … Continue reading

Bjork Invasion: Eccentric’s Inspiration

Randomly browsing today on more muses.. For some reason, I forgot how Bjork looked like cos I still see her as the singer with the Catwoman hairbraid mask and spilling titties on the cover of  Medulla.  Quite frankly, I really like her. She just absolutely cant be bothered about how the world would think of her. Just look at … Continue reading

Jessica Simpson: The Price of Beauty is a Failure

Poor Jessica. Was watching her on E! Entertainment the other night at Audrey’s house and how she goes on about her new show – The Price of Beauty. Super Sucking It In Here.. She wants to be role model for women everywhere apparently and goes on this global hike to find out the beauty rituals … Continue reading

Karen O <3

I can die now….I have seen Karen O live!!!! For all of you who are sadly unaware.. I am talking about The Yeah Yeah Yeahs!!!! Wooooooooo!!!! THANK GOD she didn’t lip-sync..and for those of you who thought the restricted tickets were gonna be bad . . . I could see everything from a bird’s eye … Continue reading