I Miss My 17 Year Old Body

This post is to make myself feel better. I know this is a bad photo (I was asked to pose like this..believe it or not) but…the focus is on my stomach. My mom made me do one of those portrait photo shoots for fun. Luckily she did cos this is the only photo I have … Continue reading

I Hate Airport Departures – Steph and Daniel :(

Uggghhhh…My friends Steph and Daniel left for US today. I can’t believe it..time went by too fast. First you both got married in December 2010 and now *poof* you’re gone in February 2011 😦 Too fast..(sidetrack a bit – too furious hehe) All of us met at 5 in the morning ah but their original … Continue reading

Singapore Flood = Dirt, Chaos And A Very Cold Anto

I know the news of the second flood is getting a bit stale now from last week but I just gotta share what happened to me la…bloody victim of this second flood some more. Raining is one thing, FLOOD is another okay. The rain just kept coming and didnt stop coming until what lunch time then it subsided??!! … Continue reading

My iPhone Took An Impromptu Holiday

Sucks ass 😦 My iPhone has joined Audrey in Shanghai by accident. She’s going there for training and had a caller from my phone to wish her well. BOTH OF US FORGOT THE PHONE WAS WITH HER…and now, my phone is in Shanghai for almost 5 weeks. If only you could fly back to me….like this: … Continue reading