National Day Promo – The Great Electronics & Furniture Fair 2011

The Great Electronics & Furniture Fair 2011 is back again to offer you some National Day Promotion in celebration of Singapore’s 46th Birthday!! On offer are deals at S$46 on Nikon Digital Camera or Samsung 22 Inch LED TV’s … and I think they will all be sold out before I get to the event … Continue reading

Product Review: Shiseido’s Aqualabel Reset White Mask

Wooooo!!! The day has finally come to an end.. I CANNOT wait to unwind and get my mask on. As all of you know, I love my mini DIY spas so I’m so happy to share with you my newest muse 🙂 Can’t tell yet? I heard so much about this line coming in from Shiseido … Continue reading

What’s The Fuss About KOI?

Yes, Koi bubble tea has been around for relatively quite some time but I dont get what’s all the fuss about it. Bloody hell, so many long queues for BUBBLE TEA??! Got a few friends, headed down to Parkway Parade to give it a shot: I cant believe they gave me a QUEUE NUMBER…the moment I got … Continue reading

The Ultimate Summer 2010 Make Up Tips

Im going for a Bintan trip pretty soon!!! Wahhahahha!! YES FINALLY ON (another) HOLIDAY.. Yes, I admit I like to treat myself to a mini spa or holiday retreat once in a keeps me sane 🙂 Singaporeans and corporate sluggers alike, if you are sick of the usual resort and want something a bit more kampong-style, try Nirwana Beach Club.   … Continue reading

Bag Hangers Are Genius

Truly…whoever invented the “Bag Hanger” is a genius. I dont have to keep holding my bag uncomfortably on my lap,  behind me on my chair or KEEP HOLDING IT if I am at a standing table. For those of you who dont know me, I always carry a medium-size bag. You will never see me … Continue reading

The Bed Has Been Chosen!

I tell you my friends… I blew a BOMB at Ikea yesterday right in my purple wallet. It still has a hole but at least…i have a new bed! *WOOP-WOOP* It’s part of the Malm series for bedroom sets in “Black-Brown” and I can adjust the height of my bed and add a higher headboard if I want to 🙂 The goal … Continue reading

I Need A Room Makeover Pronto

Gosh…haven’t had the chance to update the blog at all! These past 2 weeks have been madness.. Some of you know that my uncle was staying at my place for a while until his apartment is ready….it’s coming to the end of the 7 months of another male in the house. Today was the major move … Continue reading

Earring Stands: The Organization Begins

I love my new earring stand!! Not only can I finally see all 86 pairs of earrings (and more in the drawers below), I can admire my growing monstrous collection ❤ I was looking all over for one that had LOTS OF HOLES cos I really do have that many earrings. When I went to … Continue reading

Back from Bangkok and Back To Work

Helloooo 🙂 Sorry for not telling you guys earlier that I went to Bangkok so I havent updated the blog in 6 days. Ohhhhh but it was worth the trip – the shopping, the food and the list goes on 🙂 This was SO NOT THE USUAL SHOPPING HOLIDAY. List of Activities for BKK Trip … Continue reading

The Cathay: My One-Stop Shop!

Sigh…sooo many birthdays this month 😦 I love you my friends but you guys make me broke man! Luckily, it’s not the second half of the year yet where all our parents were conceiving on New Years 😉 I was walking around town yesterday, looking for presents for all you peeps and… town is getting ridiculously … Continue reading