Tried & Tested: Love More Aqua Cucumber Extract & Ceramide Moisturizing Mask (Blue)

There is a new hydrating, age-defying mask in Singapore for us to try! Introducing the new Love More Aqua Cucumber Extract & Ceramide Moisturizing Mask (Blue) It’s my first time trying it and it feels really refreshing and smells like pine. Its main purpose is to help restore moisture,  leaving the skin noticeably smoother and softer. Main … Continue reading

L’Oreal Singapore Beauty Sale – Hot Deals @ Expo!!

Is it me or are there quite a decent number of warehouse sales happening this month? 🙂 Last week, L’Oreal had a private invite-only sale and my colleagues had so many good purchases. Now, I believe this sale is open to the public at the Singapore Expo selling Cosmetics, Beauty and Perfumes. Here’s the list of … Continue reading

Adidas September 2011 Warehouse Sale!

Looking for new track shoes or need more gym gear? Head down to the Adidas September Warehouse Sale happening from 9-11 September 2011. Time: 1. 9 Sep 11: 10am to 11am (invited Guest) 11am till 7pm (open to Public) 2. 10 & 11 Sep 11: 11am to 7pm (open to public) Venue : Expo Singapore … Continue reading

Tried & Tested: New Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash

Advertorial Singaporean Women – do you use toners and moisturizes? Of course you do..that is the basics our schools, mothers and lifestyle magazines taught us. Did you know that pre-mature wrinkles, loss of bounciness in skin are a result of stress caused by cleansing and application of toner & moisturiser? Well now you do (who would … Continue reading

How To Look Like Mila Kunis: Workout And Beauty Regime

Don’t you hate looking at Mila Kunis? Look at her..she doesnt even need to wear make up and she looks perfect!! It does not matter that she is only 5’3. As a kid featured on As an adult featured on But go figure..I just found out this 28 year old brunette beauty is … Continue reading

BEAUTY: Want good skin but you can’t afford the Clarisonic?

I’ve heard rave reviews about Clarisonic’s Skin Care Brush… but have hesitant to spend the $195 on the sucker. So I asked by girl over at Beauty Editor On Call and asked if I should shell on the dough for the Clarisonic.. While … but have hesitant to spend the $195 on the sucker. So … Continue reading

The Beauty Battle: Facial Moisturizing Serum VS Moisturizing Cream

Don’t you hate it when you are looking for advice and you can’t find it? That’s what happened to me today. With all the latest in skincare out there,  what is the real difference? Which is more suited for me – and I am not talking about the brand. Brands, honestly, are only a partial reason … Continue reading

Tried & Tested: Customizable Natural Pink Lips With Lip Ice Sheer Lip Moisturizers

Got a chance to try out the new product range for Lip Ice Sheer Lip Moisturizers ($7.50). (Psstttt…I am giving away a sample in this post too. Keep reading.. ) The last I bought any kind of lip balm was in secondary school because of all their fruity flavours. Once I started working, I stopped using lip balms in general and switched … Continue reading

National Day Promo – The Great Electronics & Furniture Fair 2011

The Great Electronics & Furniture Fair 2011 is back again to offer you some National Day Promotion in celebration of Singapore’s 46th Birthday!! On offer are deals at S$46 on Nikon Digital Camera or Samsung 22 Inch LED TV’s … and I think they will all be sold out before I get to the event … Continue reading

Tried & Tested: Love More Black Magic White Powder Lifting Mask – Get Samples Now!

Ohhhh I have more masks to try ❤ I have tried Love More Masks (endorsed by Tiffany Hsu Wei-ning) before as seen in my previous Love More post but I havent tried the Love More Black Magic White Powder Lifting Mask before. Boom!!! (Dont my lips look massive in this..) Quick Facts 1. The limited edition Black Magic White Powder Lifting … Continue reading