Halloween 2010: Dress Up Time Again

Woop Woop! Halloween is a comin’ ūüėÄ I really do like Halloween, mainly cos I like to dress up..even if I don’t have a reason to: If you cant tell what I was, I was…………….MEDUSA! I made my own snake hairband man..dont mess! ….yes, im done now. Which brings me to my next question..WHAT ARE … Continue reading

New Muse: Elie Saab and His Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

OMG I LOVE ELIE SAAB. All¬†the pieces pay SO MUCH ATTENTION TO DETAIL…lace, embroidery, drapery, sequins ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧ Not only are¬†the clothes gracing the bodies of the Twilight Stars on Eclipse’s opening gala,¬†most of the cuts¬†are made for my¬†body shape¬†– THE PEAR. With lotsa A-Line¬†skirts and empire outfits, now all we pear-shaped darlings¬†can enjoy … Continue reading

Bjork Invasion: Eccentric’s Inspiration

Randomly browsing today on more¬†muses.. For some reason, I forgot how Bjork looked like cos I still see her as the singer with the Catwoman¬†hairbraid mask and¬†spilling titties on the cover of¬†¬†Medulla. ¬†Quite frankly, I really like her. She just absolutely cant be bothered about how the world would think of her. Just look at … Continue reading

Bag Hangers Are Genius

Truly…whoever invented the “Bag Hanger” is a genius. I dont have to keep holding my bag uncomfortably on my lap, ¬†behind me on my chair or KEEP HOLDING IT if I am at a standing table. For those of you who dont know me, I always carry a medium-size bag. You will never see me … Continue reading

Thigh-High Stockings Are NOT Sleazy

I have a tad of a dilemma.. Audrey bought for me my first thigh-high boots last year¬†that I wore only once for halloween as Lady¬†Gaga¬†(click here to see photos) but I never wore them again ūüė¶ Every time I try and pair it with an outfit a comment another friend made keeps running through my … Continue reading

Flaunt Your Flaws : My Not-So-Perfect Body Size

Sometimes, I hate that I live in Singapore. The clothes here are catered for the stick-thin Asian women who LITERALLY ARE THAT SIZE. Just look at all the Miss Singapore Universe contestants and you’d know what I mean.. Physique of a typical Singaporean girl 1. Twig-looking arms 2. Long legs (virtually no cellulite unlike me) … Continue reading

Auspicious Indeed ;)

Hellooooo ūüôā So for the first time in my life, I decided to go try some Teppanyaki and¬†brought my mom and Uncle . ¬†After¬†my love for the¬†Teppanyali burger at Macs, I decided to try the real thing. It smelt sooo good I tell you!!! Check It Out! . . . . . . . Jealous … Continue reading

Accesories Overdose

I have a dilemma. I have tooo many accessories ūüė¶ I love my accessories and my collection is growing like wildfire but just look at my dresser: And yes, my dresser is IN THE BATHROOM. Why cannot ah?!! I change and dress there so i’ll put my dresser there ūüôā Let me give you a … Continue reading

It’s all about the lace..

I gotta say, it’s 4.10am now on a SUNDAY and my eyes are already tearing BUT….. I CANT STOP LOOKING AT THIS LOCAL LINGERIE WEBBIE!! Basket, the garters and stockings are soo sexy (very affordable) and I always wanted to wear em but I dont see any occasion to! Just look at how cute this … Continue reading