Next Photoshoot – I Want To Be A Man

Relax..especially my mom if you’re reading this. I THINK IT’S DAMN INTERESTING! Imagine myself as a on earth would I look like? Lady Gaga did it for Vogue Japan (in fact seeing these photos actually inspired me). Yes….that is actually Lady Gaga!!! Impressive! I think it will be a good challenge. A very good … Continue reading

Taiwan’s Latest ‘Love More’ Masks – Get Samples Now!!

Advertorial Ooooo masks and more masks..Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong are really focusing a lot on these little white sheets nowadays. The latest offering to reach Singapore’s shores is the Love More Masks endorsed by Taiwanese actress,Tiffany Hsu Wei-ning. Here’s some light background info It has imported ingredients from Japan, Australia, Brazil, France, Swiss & … Continue reading

Brow Resurrection: Done it..Here’s What You Need To Know

Hello 🙂 So..during the course of Xmas whilst Anto was shopping for her friends and family, she decided to remove all unwanted hair too during her breaks. Hehe okay la, I am easily conned into buying things sometimes. What? I am like my mother – who is easily conned by those Israeli Dead Sea Salt … Continue reading

Make Up Muse: Dark and Dramatic Purple and Blue Eye Make Up

As some of you know, I learnt my eye make up from watching Youtube videos. Hehehehehe I cant help watching them. I especially love watching Lauren Luke mostly but now I’ve found this girl – Miss Chievous. She has tips on nail art and make up ❤ Now some might be scared of doing strong … Continue reading

Anto’s Bored: The Disastrous Journey To See Sucky Hair Stylist

Hellooo 🙂 Im getting bored with how I look now..I even cut off my hair again but it didnt come out the way I wanted it to (as always). **Disclaimer: I went back to the same  place cos the hairstylist can cut it properly but it’s always a few inches too short. IT’S THE MOFO JUNIOR STYLISTS THAT PISS … Continue reading

Skin Problems? Get You’re Free Sample Kit for Eucerin DermoPurifyer Skincare Range!

My family has been using Eucerin for some time now..especially, my mother. I have proof 🙂 Because its medically formulated, it worked really well for me when I had eczema which caused my skin to be really dry. What sucks is now, in general, my skin is sensitive especially my face. I’ve got combination skin..the … Continue reading

The Joy of Fruits and Hair Styling With Liese :)

Advertorial I tell you, the amount of  Japanese hair products are on a rise and sometimes I feel not all can be trusted; considering my hair type. Most of the time, my hair can be pretty uncontrollable to I would always tie it up. Luckily, Liese ( pronounced ‘lee-say’) has teamed up with the Sample Store … Continue reading

Quickie Post: The Results Of Shiseido Aqualabel Blogging Competition

Hello Friends, The time has come!!! For those of you who have me on Twitter, you probably knew the answer to this already. I didn’t make it through guys but it was a good experience (first time taking part in a blogging competitition and I made it to the last round). I only started blogging … Continue reading

The Final Round: Shiseido Aqualabel Chilled White Private Party

It’s the  final round for the Shiseido Aqualabel Bloggers Competition and we partied the night away at my Chilled White Private Party staring… THE AQUALABEL WHITENING RANGE I actually didnt think I will be able to pull the party together due to major exams happening that week and on the day itself. But thankfully, all … Continue reading

Yoohoo! Need Some Essential Hair Lovin’?

Advertorial I am pretty particular about the kind of products used on my hair. If you havent guessed yet from the photo, I am a full-on natural curly-haired bob. Every morning I wake up to a mess but I had to take a picture of  this… What’s worse is that I am in FREAKING HUMIDITY … Continue reading