In Memory Of My Cat “Melon”: What You Should Know About Cats As Pets In Singapore

I miss you Melon. It has been almost 1 year now that you have gone missing. By now, I think you are dead because Singaporeans are not exactly animal lovers except a small percentage. This is for you. HDB is now looking into the possibility of allowing cats in flats.   Advertisements

Photo Overload: A Noob’s View Of Sydney And Melbourne 2011 (Part 1)

I am so sad my trip has ended…I DIDN’T WANNA COME BACK 😦 17 days of seeing my family, friends studying in Australia, food and shopping…and Audrey even came up last minute to spend the holiday with me. I would seriously do it all again (especially the $5 clearance Supre sale).  Ready for the photo overload? I warn you … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day 2011 – The Present

Pssssstt… This was completely un-intentional but I found out my present was considered to be one of the Super Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas from 😉 We did a couple photoshoot done by Daniel and Steph! It was simple, at a place we loved to be at (home) and I finally managed to get Audrey … Continue reading

Christmas 2010 In A Nutshell

The holidays came by too fast man..FIRST Christmas came and NOW Chinese New Year has already gone by! I had so much going on that I want to put will all just be in images. Enjoy 🙂 . . . . . . . Meet “Rookie” in his Santa outfit – complete with a … Continue reading

Woohoo! My 23rd Birthday Bash (Surprises Included)

Hello Guys.. I am getting another year closer to 30! My mom told me on her 30th birthday she wore black and cried. HAH but at least I have 7 more years to get there. For my birthday this year, I took leave on Sept 16 (actual bday) and Sept 17 so I could get another long weekend … Continue reading

Birthdays, Yellow Jello And A Different Kinda Party

Another very busy weekened! Had to take some time away from looking for Melon to be with the family for their birthdays. Any who, my darling readers… the family 🙂 . . . . . .  But first, meet the CAKES!   One of the cousin’s OTHER cousin makes homemade 3D cakes..Little Mermaid was Oreo Chocolate flavoured and Sacha’s … Continue reading

The Case Of My Missing Cat -Melon

***Disclaimer: This is going to be a sad post. For those of you who dont know, my cat – Mr. Melon Pudding De Meow, has gone missing since Monday 12/07/10 😦 It took me this long to write about it because, I had absolutely no mood to blog and I’ve been searching almost every night for him. … Continue reading

Toilet Ephiphany: There’s Really No Point In Being Nice

Disclaimer: Yeah..this is going to be a bit of a depressing post. A first for me so just bare with me whilst I pen my thoughts. I was bathing the other day and had a genuine ephiphany to an old theory. You see, I was one of those people who believed the world CAN be changed … Continue reading

Vesak Day Holiday = Long Weekend!!

Hello darlings…sorry for not been blogging that often recently. My week has been so packed with work, school, renovation decisions,’s a highlight of  my week so far: 1. Friday – Vesak Day and Spa Treat Yes….. NO WORK! For those of you who dont know about Vesak Day, it’s a Buddhist holiday which means “Enlightenment”. … Continue reading

The Bed Has Been Chosen!

I tell you my friends… I blew a BOMB at Ikea yesterday right in my purple wallet. It still has a hole but at least…i have a new bed! *WOOP-WOOP* It’s part of the Malm series for bedroom sets in “Black-Brown” and I can adjust the height of my bed and add a higher headboard if I want to 🙂 The goal … Continue reading