New Timberland Range: Rough Seas Spring 2012

Advertorial Today’s such a perfectly sunny day. A great day to be outdoors, chilling near the Marina Bay and being near the water. Set in the fitting Pier Side restaurant,  it was the ideal venue for Timberland to showcase to various media representatives and bloggers their latest Rough Seas product range. Now ladies, before you … Continue reading

Girls…Do you douch? Guys, read at your own risk.

Now before I all know I am quite open to talking about vaginas. Guys, this is one such post so if this makes you squirm, feel free to browse the other posts 🙂 Your escape route = click here . . . . LADIES!!! And remaining gentlemen (please inform your gfs and wives), I LOVE … Continue reading

Exercising But Can’t See Results? You Might Be Missing Out On These..

Cardio This involves raising your heart rate. The bottom line is that you will need cardio if you want to get your weight under control & the results you desire. But if you do it incorrectly as many people do, you’ll end up with no results and possibly weight gain. Resistance Training Lifting weights helps … Continue reading

POP Pilates: A Godsend For Quickie Workouts

Hi Guys, So I am in Bangalore now (post coming up about this once I am back) and I try to keep fit whilst I am here. I substituted some of my fave curries for salads and soups cos it really is hard to keep fit here when the food is so goooood but fattening. … Continue reading

The Old Malaya Cafe: They Brought Back Chicken Rice Balls

I recently tried out The Old Malaya Cafe – Tampines Mall branch. My mum kept raving about the food and so far, it is one of the few places left in Singapore that sells Chicken Rice Balls. Really like how they’ve decorated the place, very rustic and it feels very “peranakan”. They have so many old … Continue reading

Anto’s Anyhow Cooking Show: Lazy Mushroom and Chicken Cream Pasta

Helloooo…welcome to another episode of Anto’s Anyhow Cooking Show ❤ I was sooo lazy the other day – too lazy to walk 5 mins to the coffee shop and get some food so I cooked. Today’s lazy dish is Mushroom and Chicken Cream Pasta with Rosemary. As you can tell, I put rosemary with a … Continue reading

Anto’s Anyhow Cooking Show: Rosemary Chicken Macaroni Soup With A Rose Lime Drink

Hello helloo 🙂 I went on another cooking adventure and decided to try another soup..Chicken Macaroni Soup. But I added Rosemary for more flavour. What you need : 1. Macaroni (duh but wait..ill tell you what happened  later) 2. Soy Sauce 3. Rosemary 4. Parsley 5. Pepper 6. All Purpose Seasoning 7. Chicken Thighs (you … Continue reading

Anto’s Anyhow Cooking Show: Ginseng Chicken Tonic/Soup

Ahhhh you are sooo lucky…ONE MORE EPISODE FOR YOU TODAY 🙂 Welcome back to Anto’s Anyhow Cooking Show – Ginseng Chicken Tonic/Soup. Dont ze tastes better than it sounds 🙂 Step 1: Buy this tonic kit from ze Giant yes? They already packed it for easy peasy. Step 2: You better follow the … Continue reading

Anto’s Anyhow Cooking Show: Ham And Cheese Crepes

Welcome Back To Ze Another Epizode Of Anto’s Anyhow Cooking Show *kiss kiss* Today’s meal is ze very easy peasy you know..Ham and Cheese Crepes 😉 What you will need: 1. Mixed Ham 2. Mozarella Cheese 3. Crepes (Your chef she is ze very lazy and tired so she bought ze ready-made from Giant)   … Continue reading

How To Have A Body Like Nicole Scherzinger: Workout And Diet

Oh god…this woman is 9 years older than  me and is putting me to shame. Who else but none other than Nicole Scherzinger. Who doesnt wanna look like her?! Nicole Scherzinger Diet Plan According to, she burned a lot of calories while she was in Dancing with the Stars. Dancing is a good workout. … Continue reading