The Trip To Villa Francis (Home For The Aged): Dont Forget About Them

To those of you who donated the Dove soap refills – thanks again for your support!! On Sat 14/05/11, I followed my mother and her friends to Villa Francis to deliver the donations and to provide entertainment for their birthday party held that day. The trip there was soo long but expected – Mandai. It is … Continue reading

The Search For Dove Soap: Simple To Buy, Not Simple To Sponsor

Villa Francis is an old folks home located at Mandai that hardly receives any visitors because of its location. My mom goes there with her church friends to spend some time with them occasionally. (Damn cute la, this group of women chartering a bus and all to go there.) Recently, they contacted her because they are … Continue reading

The Cuff Road Project: Give Back To Those Who Built Your Homes

Blogging For A Cause Honestly, I do admit I don’t  bother about what happens to the migrant workers who build our homes, parks and the buildings that make us what we are today. To me, they will always be fully taken care and there’s still a contract between the SG company and the workers. Although most companies … Continue reading

Mission: Hope for Haiti

OMG my essay took longer than expected to do…I can’t believe I forgot it was due today at 5pm and I only realised yesterday at 9pm! So that is OFFICIALLY the end of the third module ❤ I’ve been sooo busy this week! All my things slowly started getting spoilt or ran out so I had … Continue reading