Hello Everyone,

I decided to put up a page to showcase the advertorials and contests I have done in the span of HelloMissPatterson being live for 1 year.

Click on the links below and check them out :

1. Taiwan’s Latest Love More Masks

2. Eucerin DermoPurifyer Skin Care Range

3. The Joy Of Fruits and Hairstyling With Liese

4. Essential Hair Essence

5. Japan’s Mojitate Kajitsu and Deep Moist Lip Balms

6. Shiseido Aqualabel

Part 1: Fave Product – Reset White Mask

Part 2: The Workshop (Get The Scoop)

7. The Cuff RoadProject

8. It’s About Time: Stomp On Drink Driving

9. Vichy Essentielles Product Range

10. Vichy Aera Mineral BB Cream

11. Viccal and Hanamei

12. Sunplay Body Mist and Super Block

Quick view of the brands I have worked with so far:


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