The Travelling Noob: London Was Awesome, Paris Was A Ghetto, And Spain Was Hot!

*LONG POST ALERT- don’t say I didn’t warn you*

Hello my friends 🙂

I got back from my Eurotrip holiday a few weeks ago and it was AWESOME.

London/Oxford= Awesome

I mainly went to see Audrey, she’s living in London now so since I was there, we took some nearby trips.

Day 1

I treated my trip to England like it was a childhood re-enactment or a big monopoly game – I had to see Trafalgar Square, Regent Street, London Bridge…you know what I mean “)

The day I reached, we went for an Arsenal game at the Emirates stadium. I don’t watch soccer, but I would definitely recommend to watch a soccer game if you travel to London.

The atmosphere was crazily contagious; we ended up singing along to all the Arsenal songs and bought some memorabilia 🙂

Day 2-3

Since I arrived when it was the weekend, first few days were really chill..just walking around the area, having drinks at almost all hours of the day and doing a bit of shopping 🙂 a train station 0.0

How can I go to London and NOT go to Primark right? ❤

The Camden Market just reminded me of an “Ang Moh – Pasar Malam” filled with asians selling their goods.

Looked around the same as well except they also had cheap winter wear and the widest variety of leggings I have ever seen!

Across the road, you have what looks like a street food festival from Turkish to Ethiopian food.

Audrey was going mad over the banana and nutella crepes this place had.

HUGE portions man..was as good as a meal on it’s own. *And check out the guy’s face*

Decided to have a Brazillian hot dog by the river.

Or.. you could also enjoy your lunch on a quick river ride..

Cooling down on an already cool day with some fresh Arnold Palmer with mint and rasberries bobbing around 🙂


Day 4 onwards

Alright, the real sight-seeing begins 🙂

The first place we went to was ….












Buckingham Palace

This is literally the only attraction at Buckingham Palance – The Guard March.

Basket, big deal man..seeing these guards with puffy hats march around wasn’t all that fantastic. But the view of the palace was worth going to see.

Look at how many tourists come around and squish near the gates to catch a glimpse.

But Anto was smarter…She went to the entrance and got her photo 🙂

I actually preferred the gardens around the palace much more…We headed there for some coffee and breakfast (with the rest of the tourists) and the area had some mad winds blowing.

We also managed to take some pics with the stoic guards 🙂

Next stop!!! Where’d you think we went?

Tower Of London

I didnt realise how gruesome England’s history was until I went to some of their attractions. Tower of London ended up being a prison and execution area.

We continued on over the next few days to see the museums and Trafalgar Square. 

By the time it was lunch, IT WAS TIME TO TRY THE ONE AND ONLY…………fish and chips 🙂 

I was just happy that the same place also had Pimms by the JUG.

Since I went up and someone was craving for local food, I cooked dinner for her 🙂

Half my luggage was filled with spices and sauces. Made lemon chicken with hainanese chicken rice, corned beef cutlets, sambal kang kong and cereal prawns.

Okay pictures of all the other places we went to 🙂

The London Eye 

The London Eye

The Actual London Bridge – being rebuilt and renovated many times 

Big Ben

Comedy Night (Almost every club/bar had one)

Oxford to see my crackpot cousin, Kim 🙂 

And of course, I had to see where Hogwarts was filmed.

Paris = Ghetto

Ohhhhh!!!! I did not like Paris. I was soo excited when we were going too.

I’m not sure if it was because we stayed near the residential area but Paris to me was just Ghetto; it even had their own shady people lurking in the shadows in the Metro.

The people were also just not friendly, nothing was done about tourism and no signs were in English! You can see them mock you when you try to speak the standard few words in French.

Look at this menu? Figured it out?!

We did take away some random facts:

1.  The French have mastered bread – french hot dog (with 2 sausages) anyone?

2. The food was expensive but at least, they were gourmet

3. They love wine and dining alfresco

4. If you’re in Paris, buy some macaroons.

5. The Eiffel Tower will always leave you in awe


Spain= Hot!

Now Spain, is my kind of country.

The people were so warm and welcoming, they were HOT (men + women) and the food was fantastic! Audrey’s stayed in Spain for a bit some years ago so she was my tour guide 🙂

After walking around for a bit, we sat at an alfresco cafe to have some tapas!

Can you see the fucking massive tree behind me?

Okay back to some sight-seeing 🙂 Spain’s architecture is amazing, just look at the railings alone.

*Ahem* This place was screaming of “secret rendesvous anyone?”hehehehe……no? not to you? fine -_-

At night, we went for a Flamenco dance show 🙂

We went during the Semana Santa festival. My hot tour guide was doing all the planning to ensure we saw the parade.

Trust me, the parade was an all day all night affair but it was still pretty hard to see the procession and the pic below showed a fraction of how many people were expected.

Some of the seats were even booked in advance 😦

On our way  there, we kept seeing these characters in KKK -looking outfits.

These people were The Cofradias and act as pall bearers, escorting huge floats carrying highly decorative, life-size madonnas through the streets of Seville. Many Cofradias go barefoot as an act of penitence.

The origin of the costume is unclear, apparently the hoods were to protect the wearers from hot wax dripping from candles lighting the procession.
We didnt see much so we woke we went the next day. Since it was an all night affair, many people havent slept.
First stop – Churros with chocolate and some coffee.
Then off to the festival..
And this would mark our last day in Spain and of my trip…so need another holiday already.

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