Le Marina Barrage Picnic Fail

We had a picnic today.. an epic fail picnic at Marina Barrage 🙂

Why was it ze epic fail?

1. Brought a mat..but it was too small. We had to sit on the grass and put our food in the middle 🙂

2. Cherry’s juice spout completely came out… and we had no cups.


3. We were not prepared for the crazy winds –  Fizah’s tudong went flapping crazily, our hair was all over the place and wearing a dress was not safe


4. Cherry brought a kite…..but no string hehe.

5. Whilst taking the photo above, the stupid wind made me flash the aunties behind me 😦 Luckily, I wore nice undies..


…….yeah…………………..FAIL. But it was still fun and surprisingly therapeutic 🙂


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