New Timberland Range: Rough Seas Spring 2012


Today’s such a perfectly sunny day. A great day to be outdoors, chilling near the Marina Bay and being near the water.

Set in the fitting Pier Side restaurant,  it was the ideal venue for Timberland to showcase to various media representatives and bloggers their latest Rough Seas product range.

Now ladies, before you tune out, I know what you’re thinking..because I thought the same:

Timberland is a great outdoors apparel and shoes brand. But it more skewed towards guys, it isn’t that stylish and I kinda only look out for their winter boots collection anyway.

That’s where you’re wrong. Let me walk you through it..

There were 3 different ranges featured in the launch  that day but if you’re an avid sailor whether for leisure or for competition, then the Rough Seas Collection is for you.

What’s so great about it?

Sailors – Men & Women, Timberland has heard your pleas and they have designed a competitive sports range for you to give your best performance without worrying about getting wet, slipping and odour.

But even if you’re not a sailor, there’s a casual range for the rest of us like this..


1. Gripstick technology – the patented Quad-cut sipping (multi-directional pattern cut into the sole) pushes water away in all directions and maximises deck contact

2.Built in drainage ports – allows water that goes into the shoe to flow out

3. Ion-mask  technology by P2i– acts as a liquid repellant

4. X-Static Silver Fibre – integrated into the foot bed which is anti- microbial and has superb climate control for odour management.

5. Lightweight cushioning – feels weightless which is great for agility

6. Anti- Fatigue technology – absorbs shock

Ladies, check out what they designed for you 🙂

For the atheletes..

*Fabric and Leather shoes includes air-tech mesh which helps to drain and repel water quickly

For the casual-wear lovers..

Men, you’re not left out as well..



Not forgeting the apparel, the clothes are also specially designed to be waterproof, odour-free and durable.

For the ladies out there..

The ladies Formentor Bomber jacket, they’re made with recycled coffee beans to protect against odours and is waterproof.

For the men..

Psssttt..ladies, remember I was telling you that there are other areas of Timberland for us to enjoy?

I found a whole variety of shoes from the Go Out And Be You range.

These shoes are great because the heels have Anti-Fatigue Technology so you can wear them for long hours and they are meant to be durable enough to go on most terrains e.g. sandy or minor rocky grounds.

Check out the looks super hard core to me.

Hope you liked it 🙂 As you can tell, I did..


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