Tried & Tested: Achieve Post Salon Perfection With Sunsilk’s Keratinology

Chinese New Year is tomorrow!!!!

Soo excited to start some gambling but before that, the kind people at Sunsilk invited us down for special launch of the new Keratinology range at NOVUS restaurant 🙂

I’m sure some of you have seen their TVCs before..if not, here’s how it looks:

We all know there are soo many hair products now that promise “no more hair fall”, “no more dandruff” what does Keratinology really offer?

This product range’s goal is mainly to prolong the beauty of salon-treated hair.

 My friends.. if you visit the salon a lot for re-bonding, dyeing, digital perms or you just have damaged hair, this is the product for you.

Our presenter, Sean, going through the benefits of the Keratinology range


There are 3 sub-ranges for you guys to choose from (all costing less than $30 per product):


1. Advance Reconstruction Program

This product range’s goal is mainly to recover 1 year of damage in just 5 days.

If you have naturally curly hair that’s dry like mine, this is the product range to try VS the Korean Bounce Therapy; since we already have curls.

2. Korean Bounce Therapy

It gives your curls from Digital perms etc having the same salon-like finish everyday.


3. Sun-kissed Colour Therapy

Keep your hair’s lustrous colour, smoothness and shine long after your salon visit.

Most of the colour is lost after the first hair wash so what is vital is actually the shampoo and conditioner as it helps to preserve most of the colour whilst washing your hair.


Once the presentation is over….ON WITH LUNCH. I missed breakfast and lunch that day so was starving by the time the presentation was over.

I must say, the food at NOVUS restaurant did not disappoint.

Mozzarella Cheese with Watermelon and Reduced Balsamic

Carrot and Ginger Cream Soup with Tiger Prawns..Surprising mix but damn good

Red Snapper With Risotto and Broccoli

Lemon Tart with Pistachio Ice Cream and Raspberry Sauce

Interested to try Sunsilk’s Keratinology?

It’s now available exclusively in all Watson’s stores.


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