Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

Hello my friends 🙂

I think quite a few of us can conclude 2011 was a pretty SHIT year. I even have a 2011 SHIT LIST.

In order of the shittiest..

1.  Having a few loved ones pass on..yes A FEW = MORE THAN ONE.

2. Finding out Audrey needs to leave to London for 2 years

3. Making the hardest decision to leave my ex company for personal development.

4. Coming to terms that I have become a fatty bum and I needed a lifestyle change

But there were some good moments

1. I traveled A LOT.

2. If I didnt start exercising regularly I wouldnt have lost weight.

3. I am actually getting some personal development in all forms from my new workplace.

4.  Feels like I spent more quality time with my immediate and extended families in 2011. Just check out Christmas to New Years..

Pre-Christmas and Christmas Eve

Christmas Dinner With Uni group mates at Timbre

Christmas Dinner with the CTC girls

Christmas Eve Dinner At Aunt's House

Christmas Brunch At Audrey's

Christmas Lunch/Dinner at my cousin's house

Karaoke..bonds everyone at the end of the day

Visited my grandparents in their "new home" where we can always find them

Visited my uncle's godmother

Christmas Dinner at Quentin's with Audrey's Family

New Years Eve 2012 Party

By the time this photo was taken, I was down with the flu and controllable sneezing


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