I Bought My First IPL Hair Removal Treatment – Brazilian

Hehehhehehehe I am soo excited 🙂

No more waxing, no more hair….FOREVER.

Okay I know some people have said, IPL is not forever. But according to WorldWideHealth.com, using current laser and IPL technology is possible to permanently remove hair.

Histology studies have found destroyed and denatured hair follicles cells in post treatment. A recent study showed that the percentage reduction in hairs after treatment using IPL systems are well above 80%.

Anyway, Audrey gave me a  deal voucher for unlimited bikini IPL (she loves me) at Only Aesthetics.

However, when I talked to the consultants, it wasn’t as “unlimited” as the deal made it out to be. I can only attend sessions once every 2 months for 2 years and the region of “bikini” to them was not a decent surface area.

So….I topped up $700+ to make it brazilian, unlimited for 2 years but I go for treatments monthly and it covers whole VA.J.J + ASS.

Don’t make fun of me, better safe than sorry….Besides, everyone wins 🙂

Honestly, it’s more worth it…Only spent $1,000+ for 24 sessions in 2 years VS what other salons are offering for Brazilian IPL man (approx. $2k-$3k).


The first session was so weird. They shaved me 😦 I don’t like being shaved…should have told me, I could have gone for a wax.

Then, the consultant put a WHOLE LOAD OF GEL ON ME…it was like a mountain. I would have taken photos but you can see “me” through the gel so NO.

And some areas felt like mini electric ant-bite shocks.

Over in 20 mins.



I cant wait to go for the next one in December!! Heard the hair starts to fall out completely by the root by the third session.







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