The Brunch Lunch @ Chong’s

It’s Hari Raya Haji! Or was rather, this event happened on that public holiday.

Sighhhh….my friends. Let me tell you about them..

We were suppose to have brunch, one of us came a bit too late now and it ended up being lunch/early tea 🙂


Punctuality is definitely not a key factor here (and also Anto’s pet peeve) but it’s all good, Starving Anto will tell you more…

Mel and I were the first arrive, I skipped breakfast to fully enjoy the brunch 🙂 When we came, Chong had already made this cute setup outside in her garden..

..with her little helper, Label 🙂

We watched shows for a bit till Pea came and then we started ze cooking..

Time to eat 🙂

By the way, I think I make a killer grilled ham and cheese sandwich…and I practically finished all the bacon 😦

Hahahah had to go make more for Pea cos I finished her share.

Our Make-Shift Teapot

Pea was the official tea-pourer..just cos the pot was nearest to her. This title didn't last long as you can imagine.

Anto - no make up, not too bad right? 🙂

Since we already had tea….time to bring out the tv shows and wine 🙂

We watched Broke Girls…STREAM IT, worth it 🙂

Pea got hungry again so we headed to Beer Garden @ Siglap for an early dinner and headed home 🙂


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