IKEA: More Reasons To Love Our Favourite Store


IKEA…we all know and love this well-known international store that provides us with affordable furniture and food that expands our palate to Swedish cuisine.

Even with no intention to shop, once walking through those IKEA’s doors, almost everyone will leave the store with a shopping bag or two in hand.

So….we all know, WE LOVE IKEA.

But IKEA is more than just a store that gives us our Swedish meatball fix and cute beddings. Recently, I was invited down to the Tampines store to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes for this household wonder.

Firstly, it’s also CHRISTMAS TIME at IKEA!!! Check out the Christmas range by clicking here: Christmas Range

Can you not feel the Christmas spirit just by looking at this photo below ?

A whole bunch of us went nuts and started grabbing stuff to buy as we were being led on the private tour. Christmas lamps, lights, napkins, cutlery, wrapping paper…..YOU NAME IT, THEY HAVE IT!

**FYI – on 24 Nov 2011, the live Christmas tree will be available so come down then and get yours!

Secondly…Sustainability must be the corner stone of their business.

So, here’s what IKEA has done for us that everyday consumers don’t really know about:

1. IKEA contributes to 8% of the world’s production of cotton. To give back to the community, they work with farmers to improve their irrigation system and have reduced water usage by 9 trillion cubic metres.

I believe this. Look at all the wonderful bedding, quilts, pillows, bolsters and mattresses they have given us.

2. This pillow is stuffed with the excess strips of cloth from making their beddings.

Nothing goes to waste.

3. How did the self-serve concept come about?

When IKEA first opened, the demand was so great that the furniture wasn’t being provided fast enough to the consumers. Out of desperation to please consumers, IKEA opened their warehouse and allowed consumers to go straight in, take what they wanted to buy and proceed to pay. This concept proved to be so successful, they continued it to this very day 🙂

Okay foodies, this part of “Behind The Scenes in IKEA” is for you.

In a month, IKEA’s consumers consume:

1. 25 tonnes of chicken wings

2. 100,000 hot dogs

3. 45,000 ice cream cones

We were also treated to a private IKEA dinner, specially arranged for us in the co-workers restaurant AWAY FROM THE CROWDS ❤

This season, IKEA is also providing a new fish dish – baked saithe with cheese, fresh veggies and potatoes.

I wasn’t in the mood for fish so I had…..the classics – A Lingonberry drink (tastes like cranberry) with Swedish meatballs and chicken wings (shared)

That's right....drool with me :p

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