Exercising But Can’t See Results? You Might Be Missing Out On These..


This involves raising your heart rate. The bottom line is that you will need cardio if you want to get your weight under control & the results you desire. But if you do it incorrectly as many people do, you’ll end up with no results and possibly weight gain.

Resistance Training

Lifting weights helps raise your metabolism as you are building muscle. Muscle burns more calories than fat, so it is so important to have more muscle so you are burning calories all day long.

If you want to lose fat or change your body shape, one of the most important things you can do is lift weights.

Diet & cardio are really important, but when it comes to changing your body shape, weight training is your secret weapon. But if you do it incorrectly as most people do it will cause you more harm then good.

Diet & Nutrition

Your Diet plays a very important part in getting results. The foods you eat provide your body the energy it needs to function. 95% of Men & Women fail at diets. Why do you think a new diet pops up every second day?

Most, if not all fad diets are unsustainable. 

Mind Set… “The Missing Link”

When it comes to starting an exercise program or getting yourself to go to your Gym, what comes to mind? For many of you, it might be frustration, fear or unmotivated to take action..

Your body might be ready for exercise, but your mind is what you need to work on when it comes to sticking with a health & fitness regime. So, what do you really think about exercise? What are your goals? Is your mind ready to commit to exercise? What’s going to keep you motivated to carry on?

Tips from: http://www.weightmasterychallenge.com.sg/


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