And The Birthday Parties Begin: The Peasies Turns 24

OMG I just got back from Bangalore and during that time I missed at least 4 birthday parties which I am currently making up for.

I dont know about you but majority of my friends’ birthdays are in this second half of the year…one of them is Rachel Pereira (Pea).

This woman and I have been friends since we were 11 when she relocated to the east and joined my primary school…more than 10 years of friendship, can you imagine?

Anyway, she finally turns 24 this week 🙂

DAY 1 – The Actual Birthday

Let me tell you…surprise parties for me are hard to plan for okay. Only cos I cant keep it a secret for too long and it’s so hard to coordinate with different groups of people 😦

Plus….she was damn vague with me on her plans the whole week -_-

In the end, we had a small surprise had Simpang with Odi, Juggin (his name is Justin but..I got used to calling him Juggin) and Sann.

Stupid fans blasting from above us…I walked to their table = all candles lit. Once I reached the table = all flames OUT!

DAY 2 – Em By The River and Shinichi Osawa @ Zouk

Gone are the days when I could party 3-4 days in a row, till 4am….and still make it for work the next day. I havent even been to Zouk for a while cos of the crowd but gotta admit, it Shinichi Osawa was fantastic.

First stop was dinner at Em By The River with Marina and Chong..

I think there is something with surprise bday cakes and me…can never pull it off successfully. Marina got the cake and hid it with the staff.

Pea SAW Marina and I behind at the bar but luckily she didnt see the cake  -_-

But Chong was the best: “Dont look behind!!! You are smoking so.. u dont want the staff to see you.”

Pea: “Mad ah?”

But it was still a pretty good surprise.. even if the bloody wind kept blowing out my candles.

Alright..Charm is here. Off to Zouk!

Zouk was crazy crowded man..Velvet was closed so it was 1 less queue. Luckily Charm could use her crew pass.

I couldnt stop looking at Charm’s boobs the whole night.. even in this photo! Not just me right?!!

We tried looking serious..we tried but failed. now it’s 4am and Shinichi was fantastic! FYI – Juggin came too but he refused to let me take any photos of him.

I havent been hit on by guys using my hair as part of their line in ages..

Guy 1: Act cute voice too “You are soo cute..your hair” *points to it*

Anto: “Oh..ok thanks” (continues dancing)

Fucker can follow us around the whole night too ah..tapping my shoulder and danced like a mad man in an already crowded Zouk. I need space please…I like to dance and anyhow shuffle too -_-

If I ignore, isnt that the universal sign that I am not interested?

Sigh…night folks!

One Response to “And The Birthday Parties Begin: The Peasies Turns 24”
  1. Rachel (Pea) says:

    I just saw this post!! Thanks Anto for planning like TWO surprises for me. Blessed to have you in my world. I LOVE YOU! 🙂

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