POP Pilates: A Godsend For Quickie Workouts

Hi Guys,

So I am in Bangalore now (post coming up about this once I am back) and I try to keep fit whilst I am here. I substituted some of my fave curries for salads and soups cos it really is hard to keep fit here when the food is so goooood but fattening.

There’s a gym in my hotel  but recently my friend, Ai Ling, recommended to me Cassey Ho’s POP Pilates.

She is kicking my butt doing this workout..I am so tired now and it is also bite size workouts lasting around 15 mins each.

If you’re busy with no time to squeeze a full workout at the gym, try these are my faves:

To see the rest of her workouts, click here: Blogilates.com

2 Responses to “POP Pilates: A Godsend For Quickie Workouts”
  1. lingieee says:

    wooooo! pop pilates! 🙂 awesome right?

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