Anto Is Getting Old But Looking Golden On Her 24th Birthday

Heh yeah being 24 is actually not old at all but if you think about it, people get married etc around this age. Like “some people” would say, next year im 25 and that basically rounds it up to 30 -_-

I must say being 24 feels like I am still 22. I still got carded at 7-11 man when I bought my ciggs on one of my birthday party nights (yes, I had 2 days of partying thanks to Audrey and my awesome friends) 🙂

Let it begin!!!!!

DAY 1- The Eve

Soooo I felt pretty special 😀

Audrey’s original plan actually got spoilt – she planned a full day spa but the facial in Orchard booked the wrong date. The poor woman was so flustered cos she really plans out my birthday surprises. I didnt care, we still had tons of fun.

We ended up eating lunch first at Chutney Mary at Siglap for…INDIAN FOOD!!!! Muahahhaaha my fave ❤ 

Disclaimer: it’s my birthday so I was really lazy to wear makeup..and I think I got a mosquito bite on chest there -_-

We ordered the platter..just look at that wonderful juicy Tandoori and my yummy green mint sauce..

We also ordered an ala carte Butter Paneer and some garlic naan…and more mint sauce. Couldnt take it..tastes too good.

Next stop – she treated me to a massage at Javaspa 🙂 After that, we had to go back to her place to confirm “something”.

She got us a hotel room at this relative new V hotel at Lavender. It is not really known to Singaporeans but she said travel agents highly recommend it for tourists due to the location.

It is right outside Lavender MRT with Jalan Besar super nearby and it looks like a condo turned into a hotel – to me at least.

Audrey is so secretive you know…she wouldnt even let me into the cab when she was providing the location. At night, we went to MBS 🙂

Okay, I know I am Singaporean but I havent stepped into MBS yet. RWS I have, not MBS along with a list of other things like taking the Spore Flyer, walking on the Hylex etc.

Anyway, we went there for dinner and ended up at Pizzeria Mozza which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND for pizzas and antipasti AND to sit at the counter. They still bake the pizzas in this open-flame oven.

Our cutlery came in this cute envelope.

We ordered Chicken wings alla Diavolo which honestly took a while to cook but were worth the wait ❤

It tasted like they really rubbed those wings in spices and cooked it with chilli oil. They even tasted good when we squeezed the lemon juice over them.

**Note – we ordered a bottle of Proseco there and it is SUPER BUBBLEY. Not my cup of tea man.. the Proceco that I tried before wasnt bubbley like that.

Off to the next part of my surprise birthday…..she got us tickets to watch the Lion King 🙂

Which was also why we ate at MBS and why Pizzeria Mozzo was decided because it was right outside the box office.

Since we only had wings and wine before the play, we headed back to Pizzeria Mozzo to grab our dinner properly and we ordered the Bacon, salami, fennel sausage, pancetta, tomato & mozzarella pizza.

The staff noticed we came back..actually, that is a lie. They only noticed Audrey ah!! Gave her this free heavenly meat and cheese antipasti below, put the wine and water bottles on her side and all…then we walked out like any other couple does..$HAH$ that’s right.

Day 2 – The Birthday

It is damn shiok when you wake up in a nice hotel room, nice big wake up late in the morning without a care in the world.

We went down for some Korean food and I went back home first to spend my actual birthday with my mum first. My mother has been sick for a few weeks with flu but still insists to go out.

We went to Bakerzin for lunch and a slice of cake.

I had aglio oglio with mushrooms..they tried to kill me with 3 chilli padis in there I tell you.

If you dont know, I am not big on desserts so when it comes to eating cake – I only eat one slice at most so we shared a Tiramisu slice 🙂

I had so many errands to do though. Followed my mum to book her Perth trip, collect my camera and then comes the horrid part of my birthday..

I am going to India but my Visa wasnt done at all and I was scheduled to leave the following Monday. So.. Anto had to stop her plans, figure out where the miscommunication happened and had to do the Visa herself as the only option left -_-

Oh well, that aside, I finally got to put on my golden bling top from Zara for my second birthday surprise.

My friends planned a surprise birthday party at Mr Punch for the September Birthday Girls – Odi and Me.

They made it seem like they were late to meet us (as always), Audrey suddenly was waiting for her brother to pick her up and Odi and I were just lost on what to do so we were just waiting around Mint Museum and then Pea was like ” Ehhhh Come up!” hahahahahahah!

They hid below the stairs going down to the outdoor area and surprised us with the gift bags, masks and party hats 🙂

Pea on the far left was the main organizer but she was sick throughout the whole thing 😦 Cant tell right?

See, told you guys on Twitter right – my face is damn fair -_-

I didnt put on too much foundation, my facial sunblock just works more on my face than my neck.


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