Batam: The Semi-Disastrous Planning With Harris Resort

I recently planned a trip to Batam for my mum which we extended to the rest of our immediate family. We bought one of those promos, it was an experience for sure -_-

Point 1: NEVER TAKE BATAM FAST for your ferry.

They cancelled our booking by accident and were not clear on the sea tax despite double-checking, causing us to pay more than expected.

Point 2: Harris Resort booking was a nightmare.

The staff were not very clear on the promo, we had to deal with at least 5 diff staff for our booking and had to repeat ourselves a lot.

Apart from that, we did have fun though. The massage was fantastic ❤

Let’s begin the journey shall we?

My mum was so excited, we left so early some more, didnt even cast our vote that day..

Can you spot the luggage for our 2 D 1 N trip?

This was how fast she was walking..After a while, I gave up trying to keep the same pace as her.

Then we met the rest of the family…who (I couldnt believe it) also brought luggages 0.o

When we got there, we went to check out Nagoya Shopping Mall for some..erm “nice bags”. We had to have A&W since we were there but this was their sink:

Gosh..after that, we went for our nice wallet and bag shopping. When we got back it was 4.30pm, we didnt know we had to book our return ferry by 4pm because we already did a soft-booking with the ferry -_-

Basically, they gave away our slots but Harris managed to help us resolve the issue by booking us on another ferry 30 mins later.

Next, BOWLING. Suprisingly, our parents and aunts were pretty good at it. They thrashed me and my cousin, Denise ,whose pic is below.

By the way, they also made us pay for socks and shoe rental. Sneaky buggers, they hid all these hidden costs even though bowling came with our promo. Damn irritating..oh well.

Dinner time!! They took so long to take our order..

I ordered roast chicken with ravioli. Now, when you think of this dish…it sounds like you would get a decent portion of ravioli and some roast chicken right?


I GOT 1 BLOODY RAVIOLI after sending it back to the kitchen – they forgot to give me ravioli in the first place. That cheese looking thing on top was my 1x ravioli -_-

Whatever man..I didnt bother arguing with them, I ate it quickly since mine was the last dish to arrive so I can go for my massage at H Spa. It looks even nicer at night..our massages were held in these little huts.

The massage was really good..all satisfied faces below 🙂


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