RMIT Grad 2011: Mortar Boards, Board Games And The Aftermath

Hellooo 😉

Okay so if we’re friends on Facebook, you would have seen the splash of my grad photos. Just wanted to document the event and the aftermath on my blog too.

I am SO HAPPY to finally be a graduate!!

Ohhhhhhh… NO MORE SCHOOL FOR ME PLEASE! Unless I have some time to kill or another recession happens, then maybe I will continue on to do my Masters. If not, I really do not find it to be a necessity for the industry I am in plus, working in the day and school at night was so tiring 😦

On the actual day, we had to be there at 7 bloody 30 in the morning okay!! So god damn early for briefing…mum was so exciting though, didnt know where this energy came from.

She wouldnt stop fussing with my robes all day..

Finally my group mates started streaming in..

Janine is the Queen of Chill = even wore sandals to grad, not like she needs any more height 🙂

After what seemed like ages, they finally opened the doors to let us in:

But noo..Mass Comm graduates were not first. Business went first – then came us. Oh wait..we had some random Chinese Orchestra entertainment first -_-

It was so long and boring, Joyce caught me falling asleep………..

Shut up ah…I know what you gasped, smiled or laughed at..the angle was not complimenting at all 🙂

Finally!!! Our turn!!

Oh least I finally got the degree 🙂

Time for the crazy photo taking:

We decided to celebrate, in sober fashion, at Minds Cafe for some board games 🙂

Seriously, no drinks that night at all although Michelle looks like she snucked a few..

Forgot how good their fish n chips were..huge fish fillet too ❤

OHHHHH I am so glad it is over. 1.5 years of night school was no joke man..

At least now I have the basics…back to focussing completely on work and having my social life again 🙂


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