Good Ol’ Pasir Ris: Thai Food And Bubble Tea

I  miss Pasir Ris, it has given me a lot of memories..

From the old swimming pool at Costa Sands, Downtown East..

Old school right? How old were we here - 13 ??

…to the crazy chalets during Secondary School.

Trust me, this pic is only a taste of what went on in those chalets. Because I love you victims, that is all I will put up 🙂

Dawn and Pea brought me to The Basil Inn that has really good and cheap Thai Food. It was so crowded on a weekday night too.

Pad Thai - it was a bit too sweet for me though

Prawn Cakes - the most popular appetizer

Thai Green Curry

Basil Chicken - not very spicy 😦

Then we headed down to Tea Valley – The best bubble tea shop ever, screw KOI and Gong Cha!!

I mean come on, who else has white pearls?? Legends 0.0

If you do go, try their Strawberry Red Tea. They use to have Grape which was fantastic but no more 😦


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