Anto’s Anyhow Cooking Show: Lazy Mushroom and Chicken Cream Pasta

Helloooo…welcome to another episode of Anto’s Anyhow Cooking Show ❤

I was sooo lazy the other day – too lazy to walk 5 mins to the coffee shop and get some food so I cooked.

Today’s lazy dish is Mushroom and Chicken Cream Pasta with Rosemary. As you can tell, I put rosemary with a lot of just tastes great 🙂

Ingredients- pasta of choice, Campbells Mushroom and Chicken (Premium Selection)…told you I was lazy, pepper and parsley.

That is alllllll you need sweetheart.


First (and second), cook the pasta and boil the soup – add can full of water to the soup slowly whilst boiling.

Don’t I look like a pro – two pans side by side 😀

Third,  throw in the rosemary, pepper and pasta.

Fourth, boil for another 1-2 more mins and serve with parsley. Walah!


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