Anto’s Anyhow Cooking Show: Rosemary Chicken Macaroni Soup With A Rose Lime Drink

Hello helloo 🙂

I went on another cooking adventure and decided to try another soup..Chicken Macaroni Soup. But I added Rosemary for more flavour.

What you need :

1. Macaroni (duh but wait..ill tell you what happened  later)

2. Soy Sauce

3. Rosemary

4. Parsley

5. Pepper

6. All Purpose Seasoning

7. Chicken Thighs (you want those bones for the broth)

First, cut off all the fat. Good lord…look at how much fat there was in my batch -_-

Now marinade those chicken thighs with all the seasoning!

While you let it sit for a while, boil your macaroni.

Anto was a genious and thought we still had macaroni but NOOOOOOO…..we used angel hair pasta instead.

Boil the thighs for 5 mins straight then switch to slow cooking for 25 mins.

After 20 mins, your chicken will look like this..the flesh should be easily shredable.

You can take out the chicken now and start shredding it,

Dont laugh at the fact that I am using scissors, those thighs were HOT 🙂

Let the soup cook somemore and throw in the noodles. You can add parsley now if you want..

Rose Lime Drink

This is all you need…enjoy 🙂

2 Responses to “Anto’s Anyhow Cooking Show: Rosemary Chicken Macaroni Soup With A Rose Lime Drink”
  1. Lucy Pereira says:

    I tried the rose syrup with Lime, I must say …..who would think the two mixed together would taste so wonderful especially on a very hot day. Thanks for sharing the recipe

  2. Lucy Pereira says:

    The dish looks easy to prepare, I will try it,

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