The Traveling Noob: First Trip To Phuket

Woop woop!! Went to Phuket for the first time with Audrey  last week.

I tell you I love all the travel deal promos that are popping up whole 4D3N trip with return tickets + airport tax, accomodation at a decent boutique hotel and breakfast was $350 net per person.

Get this…this location exists!! I was waiting for Audrey at the airport and I was greeted with this..

If you do not know what I am talking about Google “Pontianak definition”. Okay but anyway, let us start on the travels shall we?

Day 1

Aeroplane food!!! OMG…you do not understand how excited I get when I see the stewardess walking down the aisle with that give me my edible present wrapped in aluminium foil ❤

Rachel came with us on our Phuket trip. Super impromptu…we went drinking the night before, she decided to come with us and booked the tickets then and there.
Since she took a different airline, we met at the Phuket customs.
The travel deal gave us two options for the resort to choose from. Thank goodness for Tripadvisor cos we chose our hotel based on the reviews.
Leelawadee  Boutique Hotel – MUCH BETTER REVIEWS.
I am particular about the toilets you see ..The overall experience was also better.
We couldnt do that much today so we walked around Patong..and got bombarded by the aggressive tour agents and merchants. Once in a while, you will come across this random “gas station”.

Met Chanel in Patong for dinner

We went to this fancier restaurant in Phuket where we ate in a Pondok. Food was pretty good but expensive..

Soooo….I decided to make Phuket a bit more memorable. I have fish phobia, I went to a fish spa.
And it was fishes were cannibals. They were eating their dead friend/brother/sister right next to my leg 0.o

We were so lucky to find “Mr Tu” which was right around the corner from my hotel for dinner. It was, by far, the best for cheap good Thai food in Phuket.

Day 2

Rise and shine bitches!!

Gosh..we had 2 full day tours for this trip. Both were so active some more..

We woke up at 7.15am to grab some breakfast and headed to the lobby to wait for our transport at 7.30am.

Since Rachel, technically wasnt allowed to stay with us unless she paid extra, we sneaked her around and brought breakfast for her.

The waterfall was ice cold man..I dont know how anyone is swimming in this.

After that, we went for the Elephant trekking which included animal shows..honestly, I didnt enjoy this too much cos at the back of my mind, I was wondering if their owners were cruel to them.

I HAD to take a picture of this PRC’s slipper…who would wear this? Why were her fake fruits so bulbous..

Dinner time again!!! God, this is why I can never diet. Food excites me too much. It is a miracle I am not obese yet..

We met Chanel and her husband, Michael, at Karon where they were staying for dinner. There area was so nice and quiet away from the tourists and commercialism. BUT because it is less crowded, it was very hard to get a taxi or a tuk-tuk after midnight.

Basil Chicken (not spicy at all)

Pineapple Rice

Tom Yam Chicken (With Coconut Milk)

Pad Thai

Day 3

We are going to Phi Phi Island today 🙂

Dont let this pic fool was not always blue skies.

The weather was not kind to us at all..we sat outside and were greeted with hard rain hitting our faces

We went to Maya Bay where the filmed The Beach but it was quite disappointing for crowded with tourists.


But one thing is for sure, the water is damn clear..just look at the pic below!! I just hated how crowded it was..

Then comes this FOOL on our speedboat who couldnt tell the difference between swimming trunks and briefs.

He kept staying near the girls who were in bikinis..just letting it all hang loose in his Jockey briefs.

But I had to take this pic for…*ahem* a few friends of mine. I am sure you know why..

Next stop – Phi Phi Don for lunch!!

On our way there, we saw a ferry with a shitload of people making a stop for snorkelling. So, what did we learn from this pic?NEVER TAKE A FERRY TO PHI PHI..

No food photos..they were not very impressive compared to my street stall food.

Last stop for the day was some Khai island (forgot the name) for some snorkelling.

The wind was so strong coming back to Phuket, my hair was blown upwards completely.

Dinner was simple and a bit more posh..we went to a small cafe outside the hotel.

Rachel was suppose to go to the money changer but ended up with some delicious banana chocolate crepes

After that plate, we had to get more!

We went to check out J.J Plaza afterwards for some shopping…NOT WORTH IT DO NOT GO.

Tonight, Rachel slept at Chanel’s resort after they went for seafood. After 2 full days of activities, tonight I didnt wanna go out at all.

Audrey wanted to go out with them at first but by the time we headed to our room and watched a bit of Brothers & Sisters, she fell asleep -_-

Day 4

Nooooooo!!!! I did not wanna go home at all..It felt so short. I had to have one last round of all my fav Thai food so we headed back to Mr Tu.

Let the food porn begin..

This Spicy Papaya Salad was, by far, the spiciest salad I ever had in Thailand and Singapore. It looked so deceiving 😦 I finished my whole bottle of water.

We managed to get some shopping done but not that much though..

After this, we headed for a massage and went back to the hotel for our transport.

Look at how near Audrey made me sit to our gate when we got to the airport..

We were 90 mins early for our flight man..and we were so hungry, we each changed SGD $2 to go buy some Dairy Queen hotdogs.

Sigh, we had to go back last food shot of my wonderful aeroplane food 😀

3 Responses to “The Traveling Noob: First Trip To Phuket”
  1. Lucy Pereira says:

    Very nice photos. Was it buffet lunch/dinner/breakfast very day . is that all the photos??

  2. Lucy Pereira says:

    Was it buffet lunch/dinner/breakfast very day . is that all the photos??

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