Tried & Tested: Spa Esprit’s Classic Scentsational Massage

This was my first time that  I had a massage with……………wait for it……………… a Male Masseuse.

And honestly, I might consider asking for a male masseuse from now on but only at trustworthy spa or massage areas like Spa Esprit.

They gave us a complimentary massage voucher to try out their Classic Scentsational Massage after going for their doTerra essential oils workshop.


Massage Venue

Okay, we all know Dempsey without a taxi or a car can be inconvenient to get to. They have the shuttle buses but you do have to wait for it to come so be prepared for a tad  of inconvenience.

If I do this massage again, I would go to Spa Esprit at Paragon instead.

But anyway, here is how the massage room looked like:

The toilet below was SMELLY. Dont know whether it was just not clean or because of the drainage but when I opened the door, it smelt awful…like the pee has been dried up on the floor for a while.

Luckily, for this massage, we do not need to shower before or after.

Massage Experience

The massage was not bad. I can choose from 19 different essential oil blends so I chose a blend for Detox and Cellulite.

It smelt like Ylang Ylang which helped to relax me too…Ooooo my hardworking oil ❤


Obviously uncomfortable with this okay!

The masseuse had to pull it down half my butt to massage me (as most places would)..maybe I was uncomfortable with it cos he was male? Could be..but I got over his gender very fast once the massage started.

Male Masseuse o.0

He was really professional about the whole thing. He better be too actually, the massage is a bit steep for me at $110 for a 60 min session so if I am paying that amount, I WANT A PROFESSIONAL.. which he was 🙂

Some background on me – I WANT IT HARD AND I WANT IT ROUGH…hahahahah. Okay really.. I like my massages hard e.g. Javanese massage.  The strength he used for just nice and he checked occasional if I was uncomfortable with the strength.

Honestly, I fell asleep = GOOD MASSAGE.

I remembered he asked if I wanted to massage my chest area.. I SAID YES but he only massaged up to my collar bone area.

Plus he brought out some cookies, a brownie and ginger tea for me…Pampered 🙂

Rating: 4/5

2 Responses to “Tried & Tested: Spa Esprit’s Classic Scentsational Massage”
  1. BeriShiok says:

    I think you are the second person I came across that are not really satisfy with the services from spa esprit….. Anyway, you can try other spa salons which are listed on my blog

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