Lazy 101: Cleaning Your Make Up Brushes Just Got Easier

Who is I am damn lazy especially when it comes to cleaning my make up brushes 😦

I spend all this money on skincare but my make up left behind on the brushes is not kind on my skin. I know it isnt hygienic, plus I use make up daily for work..

This is my blush brush after months of not cleaning..

Met up with Chelly, Mel and Chong the other day and found this easy daily makeup brush cleaner from Sephora.

Just spray it on, dap the excess onto the tissue and you are done.

That is just the first dab ah…look at how much came out!!

I know I know..bloody hell. A  lot of my leftover blush from the brush came out. The first picture of my brush looked so deceiving right? -_-

Now you it! It really is easier and you have a clean brush daily to use on your face 🙂


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